How an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Improve Your Performance, Help with Recovery, Prevent Injury and Prevent Chronic Disease

by Theresa DeLorenzo, RDWe are happy to announce that we have a new contributor to The Pace Setter who will share her vast scientific and sports related experience with us on how to achieve better nutrition and therefore better performances as athletes. H…
by Theresa DeLorenzoth Dill sauce and sliced avocado. By Dr. Theresa DeLorenzo

Great Cookbooks as Holiday Gifts

When wondering what to give someone, cookbooks are probably not at the top of most lists but they are incredible gifts. They can be referred to continually and help to make healthy dishes that will be loved by family and friends. As an aside, all of these…
and nutrition columnists Anouk Booneman and Theresa DeLorenzo for suggestions and have a surprise from Jim…This year I will purchase a few as gifts. Theresa DeLorenzo Theresa with her daugh

2019 – The Year in Races

by Christine BishopThe Pace Setter surveyed members and asked them how many races they ran in 2019, what their total mileage was, and if they had a favorite race or one they enjoyed the most. For full article, click here
120 miles Theresa DeLorenzo Total racing mileage is 120.

The Importance of Role Modeling

by Theresa DeLorenzo In article 4 of the Series “It Runs in the Family,” Theresa tells how she raised her daughters to be runners. The joy on their faces as they run is heartwarming. Like mother, like daughters. For full article, clic…
by Theresa DeLorenzo There is a large body of evidence that e… the Love of Running Jessica Bashaw Dr. Theresa DeLorenzo

Winter Wellness Retreat by Nutrition for Optimal Performance

by Theresa DeLorenzoI started Nutrition for Optimal Performance in the Fall of 2019. I have worked with several athletes to help them improve their performance, lose weight and to just be healthier overall. During this time, I have also completed my 200 h…
by Theresa DeLorenzo I started Nutrition for Optimal Performa…h 29 Schedule Click here to sign up Dr. Theresa DeLorenzo

The Making of Buddha Bowls with Delightful Dishes Added

by Anouk BoonemanAnouk goes into the popularity and origin of Buddha bowls and supplies a wealth of variants you can make. The recipes are plant based and vegan with some being able to create several days in advance. If you are not tempted after reading t…
6pm 'Sports Nutrition with Theresa DeLorenzo

Protein and the Endurance Athlete ... How Much is Enough?

by Theresa DeLorenzo, RDProtein is necessary for optimal performance, but how much is enough? Dr. DeLorenzo tells us how to figure out our body's need. This is good to know because either too little or too much can cause harm. Also, on March 29, she is ho…
by Theresa DeLorenzo RD by Theresa DeLorenzo. By Dr. Theresa DeLorenzo Given by Dr. Theresa DeLorenzo

The Calm Before the Storm

by Theresa DeLorenzo, RD“I was one of the lucky ones that got my marathon done right before the COVID-19 madness began. I went down to Atlanta to watch the Olympic trials, and then ran the Publix Atlanta Marathon the next day.” For full art…
by Theresa DeLorenzoion for Optimal Performance on Facebook Theresa DeLorenzo Archive Protein and the Endurance Athl

Runners React to Boston Cancellation

Runners were asked: What is your reaction to the Boston Marathon being called off for the first time since its inception? Their responses may surprise you. For full article, click here
able to run this year and through next. Theresa DeLorenzo I

The Race is On!

by Theresa DeLorenzo"Then, the moment I had been waiting for happened! I got an email that a race I had signed up for months prior was happening. Like, really happening. Not virtual but in real life. A real live race! My daughters and I had planned to do …
by Theresa DeLorenzo When the Covid

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