Stockade-athon 2023: Run to the Top

by Charlie Ragone and Mat Nark's Running TeamThe race to the top is vividly described by Charlie Ragone, of Run Club, who came in 2nd. He chronicles the race among the top three that even included dealing with smoke from a fire! Mat Nark trained members o…
t know the guy. Ryan Cooper Went in with no specific plan other tha

Swag: Its Glory Days

by Benita Zahn and FriendsMention the term swag to a runner and there is an instant knowing reaction and pictures of the glory of past race treasures. After Benita's article, members of the HMRRC reminisce on glorious swag they have received. Swag seems t…
iamiMan also gave us mugs and good hats. Ryan Cooper For swag

HMRRC 2024 Running Schedule & Your Fav Races of 2023 and 2024 Goals

The HMRRC Race Schedule for 2024 is out and now is the time for you to plan your 2024 race calendar. In addition, a list of member favorites for 2023 were added. If you would like to add your favorite 2023 races to the article, use the link at the bottom …
Ryan Cooper For my favorite race of 2023 I would sa

We RUN the Stockade-athon for FUN!

by Mat Nark and FriendsMat Nark gives a history of the Stockade-athon race, one of the country's oldest and best 15Ks, and highlights why he loves his group to run it. After the race, Mat is sponsoring a party at 151 Bar and Restaurant on Lafayette St., S…
I believe this is possible. Ryan Cooper Tyler Morrissey will probably wear the … Davenport and I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Cooper 2 years ago running this race

HMRRC Stockade-athon Survey and More

On November 12, at Veteran's Park in Schenectady, the 47th Stockade-athon will be held. We thought it would be fun to interview runners who were veterans. Some have run it several times and some, a lot like Tom O'Grady, who will reach the magic number 15 …
Ryan Cooper I have run it twice with a 1

September’s Articles: In Case you Missed Them

September's issue included a lot of exciting race descriptions. The Tawasentha 5K race series newly hosted by Kari and John Deer at times looked like an Army recruiting film, with runners holding onto a rope going through a waist-high rain filled stream. …
click here How to Get a PR by Ryan Cooper Ryan Cooper aka

Run4 the River Half Marathon 2023 – a Race to Remember

by Chris BishopThe Run4 the River Half Marathon was a good race to practice for the upcoming HMRRC MHR Half Marathon on October 8. The results of the Run4 the River Half were spectacular with a duel between Stephen Paddock and Ricardo Estremara for first …
Strength Group Ryan Cooper

Where Have All the Runners Gone?

by Benita ZahnParticipation at running events locally and nationally has been declining. Why is that? Ms. Zahn comes up with some hypotheses and wonders how to best "engage the next generation of runners." A group of HMRRC members was asked what they fel…
Ryan Cooper I think this is because we saw a temporary

How to Get a PR

by Ryan CooperRyan Cooper aka "The Mayor" and Carmela Giodarno, both noted Nark Strength runners, paired together to help Carmela achieve a PR in Mat Nark's signature fall event, the Run4 the River Half Marathon, which saw around 400 runners cross the fin…
by Ryan Cooper September 2nd was finally here and the t… Stronger. Faster. Further. Ryan Cooper is the VP of Business Development for IEA In

Smoke from Canadian Wildfires Endangers Our Region

by Christine BishopWho would believe we would be wearing masks again and heading to our basement exercise equipment instead of outdoors. On June 7, smoke encompassed our region darkening the sky and emitting a smell like a damp fireplace. The Pace Setter …
Ryan Cooper Yes

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