Books to Read After Running

Book critics and noted runners Mark Mindel and Sally Drake share reviews by authors new and old ranging from James Patterson to John Steinbeck. Mark Mindel even reviews our own Russ Ebbets' new book. Get ideas for great books to read as summer unwinds. …
Time and Place by Russ Ebbets Follow the trials and tribulations of a…Click here for Russ Ebbets article in this Pace Setter.

The Bijou Mile ... Jog Down Memory Lane

by Russ EbbetsOther than writing medical articles as a chiropractor, Russ Ebbets is an accomplished author whose most recent book, Time and Chance, published on April 2018 is reviewed in this month's Books to Read After Running by Mark Mindel. In this art…
by Russ Ebbets The battery to my large digital clock ha…the 12th in Saratoga Springs and directed by Russ Ebbets. The course goes from near the entrance of S

Off the Road: Running Economy

by Russ Ebbets, DC The pursuit of running excellence is one of those elusive goals. The minute you think you “have it” there comes another turn and a new goal presents, just out of reach. Running economy is a concept that has been around for a while and i…
by Russ Ebbets the choice is up to you. Russ Ebbets

Off the Road: Peaking

by Russ Ebbets The recent growth of distance running presents the runner with opportunities to cherry pick races. So how does the runner create an effective training program to ensure the best possible outcome? How do you reduce training enough so that fa…
by Russ Ebbets One of the great challenges in a post… successful season and ultimately career. Russ Ebbets

Athletic Prehab Exercises

by Russ Ebbets, DC Rehabilitation is the act of restoring someone who is ill or injured to their “normal” or pre-injury state. Any number of health care practitioners are trained to render effective rehab methods that can make time spent in this state as…
by Russ Ebbetsnutrition Russ Ebbets

Off The Road – Longevity

by Russ Ebbets, DC You see it most any weekend. You go to a road race and there is XX banging out another 5k, 10k or whatever. The speed limit has been reduced to a low kneed shuffle but the age limit just keeps getting better, hitting 60, 70 or somethin…
continued from home page by Russ Ebbetsosed to a hapless action signaling defeat. Russ Ebbets

Off The Road – Multi-Lateral Development and the 7 Primal Movements

by Russ Ebbets, DCIn previous columns, we have discussed how aging brings on linear activities which in turn neutralize one’s dynamic stability that subsequently results in both decreased performance and an increased risk of injury. ... continued
by Russ Ebbets of successful training and competition. Russ Ebbets


Off The Road ... by Russ Ebbets, DC
by Russ Ebbets Russ Ebbets

When I Was a Child

Off The Road by Dr. Russ Ebbetts
Russ by Russ Ebbets

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