THE 4 Global Concepts 4 All Training

by Russ Ebbets, DC, USATF Level 3 Coach"A comprehensive training program is not a simple process. Utilization of the 4 Global Concepts allows one to develop one’s skills holistically and progressively in a thorough and comprehensive manner... For the more…
by Russ Ebbetsding lights over the course of a career. Russ Ebbets

Off the Road: Running Career Longevity

by Russ EbbetsWith aging comes changes in the body. Coach Ebbets describes significant changes that occur in an athlete's body and then gives detailed methods on how these changes can be lessened in their impact and make life for an athlete more productiv…
by Russ Ebbets In Aristotelian tragedy the common denom…s life. Russ Ebbets

Books to Read After Running

by Mark MindelMark once again treats us to some thrillers to read by a fireplace with a glass of mulled cider after a long run or walk. Next month he will honor works by Russ Ebbets, a well-known local running coach, chiropractor and professor that would …
ark will review a series of books written by Russ Ebbets a well known coach

Off The Road: The Litmus Test ... Too Much of a Good Thing

by Russ EbbetsTraining is essential for athletes but too much training can lead to devastating injuries. Ironically an athlete may not even realize that they have gone too far until it is too late. Coach Ebbets gives concrete examples of how one can deter…
Thanks. by Russ Ebbets A …low one to capitalize on that knowledge. Russ Ebbets

Off The Road – Training v. Rehabilitation

by Russ EbbetsWe live in a world of dichotomies. Training and rehabilitation are also a dichotomy. For some, they are essentially the same thing but the big difference is intent. For full article, click here
by Russ Ebbets We live in a world of dichotomies

The Biorhythm Theory

by Russ Ebbets The biorhythm theory is a much debated idea that our daily lives are significantly affected by bodily rhythmic cycles. Russ Ebbets explains the theory in regard to running and mentions the problems it presented to him as a coach. Is thi…
By Russ Ebbets We all have those days where you… Russ Ebbets

Off The Road – The Stress Fracture

by Russ Ebbets, DCA stress fracture is a nuisance injury for a runner. For the running population, stress fractures are most often found in the foot but can also be seen in the shin, thigh bone, pelvis, and spine. Causes include mechanical forces or metab…
by Russ Ebbetsing can help avoid this nuisance injury. Russ Ebbets

Off The Road - The Big Toe

by Russ EbbetsSome people think the big toe developed to help humans find things in the dark. The “things” could be a bedpost, the leg of a chair or the corner of the coffee table, but in a second the realization is as sudden as the discovery was unnecess…
by Russ Ebbets Russ Ebbets

Off The Road – Training v. Rehabilitation

by Russ EbbetsWe live in a world of dichotomies and they are often of our own making. This either/or life has more than a twinge of self-preservation. With multiple choices, even countless choices, a moment’s analysis can turn into an eternal paralysis. I…
by Russ Ebbets We live in a world of dichotomies and th…he choice made is more right than wrong. Russ Ebbets

The 1929 Bunion Derby

by Russ EbbetsFeats of superhuman strength have always been appreciated and many times exploited from PT Barnum to freak shows that displayed embalmed corpses and five legged pigs. Russ gives a history of these events that ultimately led to ultra-running …
by Russ Ebbets The general public has long been fascina… 233 Click here for more of Russ Ebbets articles Russ Ebbets

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