AREEP SoftwareTeam Honored for New USATF Course Certification System

by Jim Gilmer and Josh MerlisJim Gilmer and Josh Merlis worked together with a group of three students in a post-AP course that needed something "really challenging." This challenge turned into an award-winning APP honored by the USAFT. Josh said that "wi…
by Jim Gilmer and Josh Merlis From left… Josh Merlisrmer USATF Regional Certifier for New York. Josh Merlis is the founder and president of ARE Event Pr

2019 USATF National Club Cross Country Championships-12/14/19, Lehigh, PA

by Josh MerlisJosh details what it was like to participate in the 2019 USATF National Club Cross Country Championships. Mud was a common element along with rain, winds and dreary skies, but did it stifle the enthusiasm of Josh or the others competing in t…
by Josh Merlis His eyes blinked with increasing frequen

MHR Marathon and Hannaford Half Marathon 2019

by Chris BishopTeaming with runners and tons of onlookers, the HMRRC marathon and half marathon are always thrilling providing exceptional and sometimes unexpected feats of running. This year did not disappoint, and you can read about the highlights of th…
f marathon to tune up for the CIM marathon. Josh Merlis with a bang. At the half way mark I visited Josh Merlis in the ARE truck where they were monitoring

What a beautiful day! Hairy Gorilla 2019

by Josh MerlisThe weather forecast for the day of the Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon could not have been worse. The universal forecast of 100% chance of rain with gale winds was correct but did that deter the fans who love this event? The parking lot was fil…
by Josh Merlis On Saturday

Thacher Park Trail Running Festival

by Josh Merlis with an Afterword by Dick VincentThe Thacher Park Trail Running Festival was born in 2014 when Christopher Fallon, Park Manager at John Boyd Thacher State Park, asked Josh to create a running event at Thacher Park to celebrate its 100th ann…
by Josh Merlis Early in 2014

The Escarpment Trail Run 2019

This incredibly difficult and challenging race designed by Dick Vincent was run for the 33rd time this year. In addition to fascinating facts about the race, the article contains a video hot off the film reels by Josh Merlis illustrating what a crazy mast…
01. Josh Merlis

Dick Vincent: My Coach and Inspiration

by Shannon PinkowskiShannon relates her first meeting with Coach Dick Vincent and how he changed her life. Under his guidance she ran marathons and then came trail running, the more difficult, the better. Of course, this led to her becoming one of the Esc…
s when Josh Merlis

ARE: Its Genesis

by Matthew McGowenThis is the story of how a group of UAlbany renegade runners in 2002 formed the Albany Running Exchange (ARE). Although much has changed, it is still infused with the enthusiasm, wackiness, attention to detail and high athletic commitmen…
I had to enlist the help of founder Josh Merlis and turn the clock back almost two decades.

Dodge the Deer at 17

by Josh MerlisThis year marked the 17th Annual Dodge the Deer 5K & Kids Races, which is ARE's premier race. Josh details its history and main protagonists: Dodge the Deer and Chase the Chipmunk with a new intruder, Bully the Bear, contributing to the merr…
by Josh Merlis Whew

Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon: Race Data and Reviews

by HMRRC membersRead the results broken down by categories and the reactions of runners who experienced the course for the first time. The comments were all favorable. Congratulations, Josh Merlis. For full article, click here
with Josh Merlis on bike Overall Results

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