Holiday Gifts for Athletes from Athletes

by Michelle MerlisMichelle Merlis has added a very thorough article on perfect gifts for athletes and it complements nicely with the gift suggestions made by our runners in response to a Pace Setter survey question. This holiday season should present no p…
Josh Merlis

Come Run in 2021: A Program to Deliver New Vigor to Your Running

by Christine Bishop and Mat NarkMat Nark and six other experts in the field of running will present programs each day for a month, and in addition, races and events will be scheduled. The presenters are: Josh Merlis (Events); Michelle Merlis (Trail Runnin…
Josh Merlis will organize races and Mat will hold group …nd feed these differences appropriately. Josh Merlis Josh ran his first 5K at age six

Planning a Time Trial

by Dick VincentIn John L. Parker's iconic book, Once a Runner, its hero laments not being able to train in solitude. He obviously did not live during a pandemic. Coach Dick Vincent gives you concrete steps on how to gain motivation and take advantage of y…
. Dick with Josh Merlis and Courtney Breiner celebrating Coach Di

The Running Mind of the Upstate Classic Race Director

by Josh MerlisOther than giving us background on the glorious Upstate Classic Event that electrified the Albany area running community, Josh details how the pandemic ravaged his enterprise, bringing it near bankruptcy, but with his usual sangfroid attitud…
by Josh Merlis I took a few steps… Josh Merlis Click on picture Josh Merlis

Anny Stockman’s Triple Crown: 3 National USATF Titles!

by Christine BishopAnny Stockman has achieved the almost impossible. She has won three USATF national titles for her age group. Read about her and how she did it. Surprisingly, she didn't even start to run until she was 48 years old. Since then, she has b…
ordinaire Jim Gilmer and the timing magic of Josh Merlis and ARE Timing… in front of the Bethlehem Middle School and Josh Merlis volunteered to set up a separate timing mat

Exceeding Your Limits

by Josh MerlisJosh pays homage to his wife's skill and determination that have driven her to break records and to seek more. "On Sunday, September 20, 2020, Michelle Merlis completed the Devil’s Path trail in the Catskill Mountains in 5:29:34. It was the …
by Josh Merlis On Sunday

Trick? Or Treat? at the Hairy Gorilla

by Laura ClarkLaura talks about her experience running the Hairy Gorilla. "With temperatures in the low twenties and two inches of snow on the ground, Thacher Park resembled Jack Skellington’s Halloween Town in Tim Burton’s film, The Nightmare Before Chri…
miler that RD Josh Merlis produces

The Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon and Squirrelly Six Mile: Racing in a Pandemic

by Josh MerlisWho better to write about these races than their creator, Josh Merlis? He mentions the difficulties in putting together any race in a pandemic and then goes on to detail the planning and execution of these two races that always delight parti…
by Josh Merlis Over the past few months… Josh Merlis Archive The Upstate Classic

The Upstate Classic: 5K, 13.1M, & 26.2M

by Josh MerlisThe Upstate Classic, scheduled for November 15, will be staged where the Druther's Helderberg to Hudson race was but with different routes. The emphasis on safety, competition and fun will still be the same. For full arti…
check out by Josh Merlis 5K

Toeing the Line at Thacher Park

by Jenna Robinson”Do you remember what it is like to toe the line? To look down and see all of the worn sneakers pressed up to the freshly painted start line, ready to spring forward at the sound of the gun?" For full article, click he…
thanks to Josh Merlis and the many dedicated volunteers at the Tha

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