The Capital District Challenge

by Josh MerlisARE is sponsoring a 5-week long virtual Capital District Challenge that integrates heat mapping the entire Capital District! You can do the challenge by yourself or with a group. And it is not too late to join, particularly if you put your r…
by Josh Merlis The impact of COVID

This Is For All The Lonely People

by Greg Rickes"Could it really be just five months ago that I got a shirt emblazoned “New Year, New Me?” The occasion was the Resolution Run on January 1, 2020 in Cedar Park Texas. If only I’d known …" For full article, click here
s hard to imagine what race directors like Josh Merlis

Impact of COVID-19 On My Running

by Karen Bertasso"As an orthopedic Physician Assistant, my health and safety became more important than running the moment COVID-19 became prevalent ... I couldn’t help but think what would happen to my lungs long-term if I got infected." …
19 Days Running with Michelle and Josh Merlis in Flagstaff

Running Commentary

This month Brian Northan covers the Virtual Runnin' of the Green, Jessica Northan writes about Mark Warner winning the HMRRC Distinguished Service Award, and you can explore virtual runs with great medals in exotic places. For full articl…
re below Males The top 3 males were Josh Merlis

Social Distance Running Challenge

by Josh MerlisGet out your running gear. Your virtual challenge is here. It will be covered by us with pictures in the June issue. Go for it! For full article, click here
by Josh Merlis ARE Event Productions … Josh Merlis ARE Event Productions

Karen Bertasso: The Path to the 2020 Olympic Trials

by Christine Bishop and Karen BertassoHer dream began in 2014 and in 2020 she achieved it. Karen describes the route she took to reach this pinnacle of running success. As Jeremy McNamara said, "The worst runners there would still be among the fastest peo…
Josh Merlis Olympic Trials Weekly Training My t… Arizona. Michelle and Josh Merlis spent several days with me and my husband…ege and people who knew me from other races. Josh Merlis was there with a sound system and wildly che

Seven Hundred Stories

by Michelle MerlisOn the last weekend in February, Michelle and Josh Merlis went to Atlanta with friends to see the Olympic Trials and their friend Karen Bertasso race in them. The city turned into the running mecca of the world as it exploded with athlet…

The USA Men's & Women's Olympic Marathon Trials

by Dick Vincent"Josh Merlis and I have traveled a number of times together for running related events. Eight years ago, we went to Houston for the USA Olympic Marathon Trials so I knew this would be a blast. Josh's wife Michelle would be with us and she i…
by Dick Vincent Josh Merlis and I have traveled a number of times togeth

2020 Olympic Trials Experience

by Josh Merlis"On Thursday, February 27, I flew to Atlanta, GA with Michelle (my wife) and Dick Vincent. Dick was the officiant at our wedding and Michelle and I have shared great experiences with him over the years, but in many ways, nothing could compar…
by Josh Merlis Winn… Josh Merlis

Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon Update

by Josh MerlisDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon has been canceled and rescheduled for August 29. Josh Merlis gives us details and something to look forward to. For full article, click here
by Josh Merlis We sincerely hope that you and your fami

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