Finish Line: Syracuse Half, NYC Half and Ice Breaker 5K

by the RunnersSyracuse runners reported a race dotted with steep hills but with booty some of the best in Upstate NY races. Alyssa Risko, with two friends, battled the NYC Half marathon only to run into a prominent HMRRC member at the end. Meg Harrington …
wise but I spoke to Josh Merlis just before the race went off and I tempered

Third Time Charm – Syracuse Half Marathon

by Josh MerlisJosh had not raced a half marathon in 7 years and because of the Pandemic halting all races, he had no idea how he would do. He knew he was fit, "but nothing can replace the experiential gains of racing." However, the most amazing and unbeli…
by Josh Merlis This was my 3rd time running in the Syra

"Life is a Lot Harder Than Running in This Race"

by Josh MerlisJosh Merlis reflects on the meaning of creating this event and others over the past twenty years. This one presented so many challenges, but he was reminded by one of the racers who carried a flag in honor of his fallen brother, Sgt. First C…
by Josh Merlis Andy LaPorta and I shared these words sh

Up To Speed – March Madness

What's in the running news for March: UAlb Track and Field for 9th year in a row triumphant; 2nd man to run 4 minute mile dies age 91; McD in China makes news; poop on the track; Pearls Before Swine and more! For full article, click here
Josh Merlis McDonald

Winter Gear Questionnaire

Devised by Mary Claire WalkerRight now we feel the bite of a record breaking frigid winter and may wonder if we are wearing the proper running gear. To find this out, who better to interview than runners who have raced in the HMRRC Winter Series 2021-2022…
run. The normal gloves work fine for me. Josh Merlis What is your favorite winter running hat

Runner Questionnaire - Erin Rasco

"I originally started running when I was 8 years old. My older sister had just joined the cross country team and I really looked up to her. It didn’t take too long before I enjoyed beating boys in my elementary school class and that really made me love it…
and thankfully Josh Merlis let me switch to the full marathon. Well

Runner Questionnaire – Josh Merlis

"I started running in 1985 at the ripe age of 3. My father wanted a training partner and as his oldest son, he volunteered me to fill that role ... At 6, I ran my first 5K. I crossed my first 10K finish line at age 9 and my first half marathon at 11." …

Runner Questionnaires

by Mary Claire Walker and Chris BishopThis issue features answers from Pete Rowell, Emily Taft, Josh Merlis, Ryan Udvadia, Theresa DeLorenzo, Michelle Davis, Michael DiNicola, Erin Rasco, Steve Sweeney, and Tyler Morrisey. The March issue will feature 10 …

The True Road Warriors

by Christine BishopOn New Year's Day an annual HMRRC event occurs: the Hangover Half Marathon and the 3.5 miler. This is incredible since the races happen after New Year's Eve celebrations and the weather on January 1 can be horrendous. …
34 4 Josh Merlis M 39 Albany 1

Adventure Race Metamorphosis: The Juxtaposition

by Josh MerlisJosh relates how the Adventure Race began in 2006 and how it has changed in the years since. The race was a high point of the weekend at Dippikill for over a decade, but this year was different. For full artic…
by Josh Merlis It all began as a joke. Three years afte

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