Background on Start of Stockade-athon

by Mark MindelOne of the top 10 favorite races of the Capital Region is the Stockade-athon, and Mark Mindel relates how he helped to create the Stockade-athon and ran it for 43 straight times until.... For full article, click here
and have now become a steady bike leader for Josh Merlis and AREEP. Mark with Karen Bertasso

Best Pace Setter Articles of 2022

by Christine BishopIt's fun to choose the best Pace Setter articles for 2022 and you can too. Click on the month and all the articles will appear for you to enjoy. Happy hunting. For full article, click here
Josh Merlis by Josh Merlis The April issue had interviews with coa…rian Yates but the unforgettable article was Josh Merlis

The Day of the Dream

by Josh Merlis"I began to cry. They were tears of joy for my wife, Michelle Merlis, who was only a few hours from toeing the line as a member of Team USA in the 40K at the World Mountain & Trail Running Championships in Chiang Mai, Thailand." …
by Josh Merlis The humidity seeped through the crack se

All I Want for Christmas is ...

by Members of the HMRRCRunners were asked the following question: If money were no object, what running gift for Christmas would you want for yourself or a running partner? Some answers are modest and some go for the gold, but they are all fun. …
Josh Merlis I would hire 3 full

Hairy Gorilla Race: A Wild Halloween Treat

by Christine BishopThis year's Hairy Gorilla thrilla was epic. The weather was planetary, the macabre touches were divine, and the people were chill beyond belief. The result was an epic, magical event. For full article,…
The Untold Truth About the Hairy Gorilla by Josh Merlis Trick… Racing in a Pandemic by Josh Merlis Halloween is for Runners by Christine Bish… Hairy Gorilla 2019 by Josh Merlis The Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon

Comeback at Thacher Park Trail Fest

by Laura Clark"By now most of you know I had a heart attack in early July. It came without warning, although had I been armed with foreknowledge, I could have recognized some of the signs.” For full article, click here
Josh Merlis

Team Hope: Fishy Frolic 5K

with Haiku by Brina SeguineIn case you are wondering what the Fishy Frolic is and its connection to Team Hope, these mysteries will be revealed here with haikus by the Pace Setter Poet Laureate, Brina Seguine, as an added bonus. …
le and female competitors in the 5K race and Josh Merlis dominated the 10K. To follow are Brina

Event Management – Behind the Scenes

by Josh MerlisThe trucks from Josh Merlis' corporation AREEP (combo of ARE and Event Planning) can be seen at most local races. However, his reach is much further as you will find out here as he relates humorous anecdotes about what happens when meticulou…
by Josh Merlis In 2010

*Shockingly* the Hard as Hell Half Marathon is ... Hard as Hell

by Jon LindenauerWith the entrance of friend Jakob Irwin and these reassuring words from friend Shaun Donegan, "Dude, you'll be fine," he said, "there are a few good climbs but they are gradual." It was kismet. For full …
Josh Merlis said to me from a mountain bike as I crested

2022 Distinguished Service Award Race

by Josh MerlisTwenty years ago, Josh Merlis ran his first race: the Distinguished Service Award Race. He has run, created and directed many since but this one has a special place in his heart. For full article, click here
by Josh Merlis I first learned of the Hudson Mohawk Roa

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