Comeback at Thacher Park Trail Fest

by Laura Clark"By now most of you know I had a heart attack in early July. It came without warning, although had I been armed with foreknowledge, I could have recognized some of the signs.” For full article, click here
Josh Merlis

Team Hope: Fishy Frolic 5K

with Haiku by Brina SeguineIn case you are wondering what the Fishy Frolic is and its connection to Team Hope, these mysteries will be revealed here with haikus by the Pace Setter Poet Laureate, Brina Seguine, as an added bonus. …
le and female competitors in the 5K race and Josh Merlis dominated the 10K. To follow are Brina

Event Management – Behind the Scenes

by Josh MerlisThe trucks from Josh Merlis' corporation AREEP (combo of ARE and Event Planning) can be seen at most local races. However, his reach is much further as you will find out here as he relates humorous anecdotes about what happens when meticulou…
by Josh Merlis In 2010

*Shockingly* the Hard as Hell Half Marathon is ... Hard as Hell

by Jon LindenauerWith the entrance of friend Jakob Irwin and these reassuring words from friend Shaun Donegan, "Dude, you'll be fine," he said, "there are a few good climbs but they are gradual." It was kismet. For full …
Josh Merlis said to me from a mountain bike as I crested

2022 Distinguished Service Award Race

by Josh MerlisTwenty years ago, Josh Merlis ran his first race: the Distinguished Service Award Race. He has run, created and directed many since but this one has a special place in his heart. For full article, click here
by Josh Merlis I first learned of the Hudson Mohawk Roa

A Sneaker Straddling Both Worlds

by Laura ClarkLaura Clark ran both the Dodge the Deer Race and the Adirondack Runner's Race to the Lakes 15K and enjoyed them but found them not to be as described. She ends with "Both venues merit future returns in non-race mode. …
old enjoyed a plentiful barbecue picnic and Josh Merlis

Distinguished Service Award Race to Honor 2022 Winners

by Jon LindenauerJon details the race, which he has now run three times, and why he loves running on the UAlbany Campus. Included in the article are the top winners, race results, link to extensive pictures from the race, and more! …
and Josh Merlis and Josh Merlis

CDPHP WTC 2022: The Voices of the Winners and More!

by Christine BishopThe winners of the CDPHP WTC discuss their runs, results galore on the race are presented ,and finally the volunteers, without whom this race could not function, are identified and honored for the part they play in making this arguably …
Cox Susan Thompson Nick Demos Josh Merlis John Haley Clay Ludovico Emil

5run8 is 518's Local Podcast for Runners

by Michael "Dino" DiNicolaThe 5run8 podcasts are meant to foster a sense of community among runners in the Capital Region. It’s a place where runners can freely share their training and other things pertaining directly and indirectly to the sport... …
Fitness podcast interviewed Karen Hughes and Josh Merlis

Finish Line: Syracuse Half, NYC Half and Ice Breaker 5K

by the RunnersSyracuse runners reported a race dotted with steep hills but with booty some of the best in Upstate NY races. Alyssa Risko, with two friends, battled the NYC Half marathon only to run into a prominent HMRRC member at the end. Meg Harrington …
wise but I spoke to Josh Merlis just before the race went off and I tempered

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