“Nothing Will Go Wrong”: My Clearwater 50k Experience

by Jon LindenauerJon Lindenauer recounts his experience at the 2024 Clearwater 50k where he set the course record in a time of 3:11:47. For full article, click here
by Jon Lindenauer There were two expressions about maratho https://www.hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2024/march/nothing-will-go-wrong-my-clearwater-50k-experience

Racing is My Destiny: Seattle Half Marathon 2023

by Jon LindenauerJon examines his relationship with running and his passion to take on challenges that test him to his capacity. Sometimes he fails, usually he wins but nothing is guaranteed. He went to Seattle to be with his family and decided to throw i…
by Jon Lindenauer https://www.hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/december/racing-my-destiny-seattle-half-marathon-2023

Swag: Its Glory Days

by Benita Zahn and FriendsMention the term swag to a runner and there is an instant knowing reaction and pictures of the glory of past race treasures. After Benita's article, members of the HMRRC reminisce on glorious swag they have received. Swag seems t…
Jon Lindenauer My three all https://www.hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/december/swag-its-glory-days

HMRRC Stockade-athon Survey and More

On November 12, at Veteran's Park in Schenectady, the 47th Stockade-athon will be held. We thought it would be fun to interview runners who were veterans. Some have run it several times and some, a lot like Tom O'Grady, who will reach the magic number 15 …
bit of everything and is a lot of fun. Jon Lindenauer I have run the Stockade https://www.hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/october/hmrrc-stockade-athon-survey-and-more

September’s Articles: In Case you Missed Them

September's issue included a lot of exciting race descriptions. The Tawasentha 5K race series newly hosted by Kari and John Deer at times looked like an Army recruiting film, with runners holding onto a rope going through a waist-high rain filled stream. …
2023 by Chris Bishop and Jon Lindenauer One of the leading September racing eve… click here Jon Lindenauer https://www.hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/october/septembers-articles-case-you-missed-them

The Weight of Years: 52nd HMRRC Anniversary Race

by Jon LindenauerWhat was happening around the country when a group of runners formed the HMRRC? Jon answers that question and more. This was one of the first races he ran when he moved to the Capital District, and it was here that he ran to recover from …
by Jon Lindenauer The inaugural year of the HMMRC Annivers…er 5.8 Miler History Photos Jon Lindenauer Jon is one of our elite runners https://www.hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/october/weight-years-52nd-hmrrc-anniversary-race

Malta 5K and 10K Races September 9, 2023

by Chris Bishop and Jon LindenauerOne of the leading September racing events in the Capital District is the Malta 5K and 10K races graciously sponsored by GlobalFoundries with over 500 crossing the finish line this year. The event is also important as a m…
by Chris Bishop and Jon Lindenauer Jon Lindenauer Racing tow…e Race and What the Victory Meant to Me by Jon Lindenauer In 2021 I still vividly recall trying t https://www.hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/september/malta-5k-and-10k-races-september-9-2023

Where Have All the Runners Gone?

by Benita ZahnParticipation at running events locally and nationally has been declining. Why is that? Ms. Zahn comes up with some hypotheses and wonders how to best "engage the next generation of runners." A group of HMRRC members was asked what they fel…
part of a larger series like USATF GP. Jon Lindenauer I think the reason for the decline is the https://www.hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/september/where-have-all-runners-gone

Jon Lindenauer - Athlete of the Month

Name a race, and Jon has done it and usually places first or within the top 5 overall. Seemingly Jon combines training with races and it seems to be a successful combo. He added a fun question to the form, and his answer will make you smile. "What is the …

HMRRC Social News

Our members have been busy and many wonderful things are happening from engagements to weddings to anniversaries. Sadly, Bob Husted, who was an active member of the club for decades, has passed. His enthusiasm and love of running touched all he met and he…
Engagement Jon Lindenauer and Sarah Harder will be wed on Friday https://www.hmrrc.com/members/pacesetter/2023/august/hmrrc-social-news

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