Gearing Up for Spring Running

by Benita ZahnSpring is here and as Benita vacations in Hilton Head, she is dreaming of fun races, beautiful weather, and what running gear she will need to make her running season ideal. For full article, click here
by Benita Zahn As the grass greens and flowers bloom…nd remember to stop and smile. About Dr. Benita Zahn Benita is a certified Health and Wellne

Here Comes the Run! But Be Prepared

by Benita Zahn"You’re probably itching to restoke your mojo and get back at it, as emails about upcoming races fill your inbox. But before barreling back to training, we need to keep some things in mind to avoid injury." For …
by Benita Zahn Ok. The pandemic has affected everything…ng with the rhythm of the day. About Dr. Benita Zahn Benita is a certified Health and Wellne

Up to Speed: News from Around the Running World

This monthly feature contains fascinating articles on running that were featured online this past month from a man running sub-4-minute miles for 20 years to a woman winning all four races in the Dopey Challenge. If you happen to see an article that you t…
I first found out about this study in Benita Zahn

Does Running Keep You Awake?

by Benita ZahnA crazy thing happens to me when I run long ... anything 8 miles and over. I don’t sleep well. You’d think I would sleep like a baby, but just the opposite happens. Turns out I’ve got plenty of company and if you’re among my pals in tossing …
by Benita Zahn A crazy thing happens to me when

What Was Your Best Race of 2021 and 2022 Goals?

by Runners Like YouA question was sent out to our members about their favorite races and their goals for 2022. Find out immediately which races our runners loved! Amazingly over 50 people responded!! Enjoy reading this survey and if you want to participa…
Benita Zahn My favorite race was Freihofer

Up to Speed: News from Around the Running World

This column covers important news about running both local, national and internationally. Locally, Emily Bush had a sensational win at the Nike regional meet. In addition, November contained a slew of wildly important races and it is all covered here and …
Don Lawrence and Benita Zahn emcees Pace

Troy Turkey Trot 2021

To quote Anthony Giuliani, who came in 4th overall in the 10K, the Troy Turkey Trot is the "Superbowl of racing in our area." Ryan Udvadia, who came in 2nd overall, also nailed it: "A Thanksgiving without a Turkey Trot is like a Thanksgiving without turke…
d extensive race results. Our own columnist Benita Zahn emceed the event along with Don Lawrence. … Thanks to Don Lawrence and Benita Zahn for announcing our family across the line.

Play Nice, Run Happy!

by Benita ZahnBenita puts the same principles in life as she does in running with a lovely smile on her face. In this column she talks about how the anger of the world is trickling into our daily life and proposes solutions for it. …
by Benita Zahn Perhaps it

It’s Easy Being Green and Smart

by Benita ZahnThink CRUCIFEROUS. You may hate veggies but they are crucial to your health and your running. "But there are myriad ways to consume them and I suspect at least one will be appealing." For full article, click he…
by Benita Zahn As we head into the cold weather I want

Where's The Fun?

by Benita ZahnDuring the pandemic has running become tedious to you and not the source of joy it once was? Does the idea of going for a run discourage you? Well, if so, Benita Zahn supplies some ways to shake it up and bring zest back into your running. …
by Benita Zahn Time to shake it up. And that

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