Then There Were None

by Benita ZahnI can remember a time when you had to make a choice as to where you were going run on New Year’s Eve. 25 years ago, Albany launched a 5k in conjunction with First Night celebrations. It was a party. For full article, click h…
by Benita Zahn I can remember a time when you had to ma… fabulous food of the season. About Dr. Benita Zahn Benita is a certified Health and Wellne

Old Man Winter is Lurking around the Corner

by Benita ZahnDon't be fooled by all the pleasant temperatures now. Soon they will dip and running will become encumbered by heavy clothing. Benita gives advice on how best to cope with the worst winter can bring on. For …
by Benita Zahn Face it. We…ter than the lure of the road. About Dr. Benita Zahn Benita is a certified Health and Wellne

HMRRC Social Page for September and October Pace Setter

This month we cover news from engagements, weddings, anniversaries to devoted HMRRC member Jim Hickey passing. The running community in the Albany area is huge and The Pace Setter is delighted to be able to share these events with you. …
Anniversaries Benita Zahn and Bob Stulmaker are celebrating their 23rd

Favorite Races? I Love Them All, but ...

by Benita ZahnWhen asked which races were her favorites so far, Benita answered amusingly that she loves them all, but she did say that races that have certain elements appeal to her the most. For full article, click her…
by Benita Zahn Asking me to rate my favorite races is a…and volunteers for their work. About Dr. Benita Zahn Benita is a certified Health and Wellne

Turkey Trot Tune Ups: The MHR Marathon and the Stockade-athon

by Benita ZahnMs. Zahn reminisces on how Autumn signifies the coming of two glorious HMRRC races that help to add more color to an already spectacular season: the MHR Marathon/Half Marathon and the MVP Healthcare Stockade-athon. …
by Benita Zahn To me… About Dr. Benita Zahn Benita is a certified Health and Wellne

Runners' Obsession: Fall Races

by Benita ZahnFall is coming up and that means loads of races for the ardent runner to contemplate when tempted by almost all of them. The race season starts on Memorial Day when there is the HMRRC Labor Day Run, What Would Trevor Do Run ‘n Roll for Hope …
by Benita Zahn Not good Benita. Not good. While not as … About Dr. Benita Zahn Benita is a certified Health and Wellne

Commercial Sports Food Survey

by HMRRC MembersIn the article above by Nancy Clark, she brought up the controversy about whether commercial sports foods actually work to enhance performance or if they are just a placebo. Read how some of our top runners feel about this issue. …
rehydrated after just one packet of it. Benita Zahn Nuun

In Step at the 2022 Firecracker 4-Miler

by Writer and Photographer Benita ZahnI’m in a mixed marriage: I’m a runner married to a walker. However, when it comes to race day it seems we’ve both learned from each other. For full article, click here
d Team Awards by Writer and Photographer Benita Zahn My husband The Walker History repe

Freihofer’s 2022: Why We Run

by Benita ZahnBy the time you read this, the 44th running of the Freihofer’s Run for Women will be well in the history books. It was a spectacularly sunny day. Some complained it was too warm, for others, yours truly included, it was perfect. The winner c…
by Benita Zahn Winner …s that we can. Dr. Benita Zahn is a certified Health and Wellness Coach wor

Can't Keep a Good Woman Down

by Benita ZahnBefore Switzer, in 1966, Roberta Gibb ran the Boston Marathon as a bandit. She had tried to register but was rejected by race director Will Cloney, because women could not run long distances not knowing that her training included 40-mile run…
by Benita Zahn This one… About Dr. Benita Zahn Benita is a certified Health and Wellne

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