Anouk's Christmas Dinner

by Anouk BoonemanAnouk is kindly sharing with us a dinner that she loves to serve at Christmas. About it she writes, "It’s an easy one and relatively light. It can be made in advance, and I think that it will please omnivores and vegans alike." Bon Appeti…
by Anouk Booneman I am sharing my Christmas menu with you.… Anouk Booneman Anouk is co

Holiday Gift Recommendations for Plant-Based and Vegan Cookbooks and Blogs

by Anouk BoonemanAnouk Booneman ranks processed foods as one of the leading causes of disease across the globe. She believes that to be healthy, foods should be sourced locally and eaten fresh. She has global experience and is a graduate of the CIA. She i…
by Anouk Booneman Christmas is right around the corner. Ov…one of Spring Into Health workshops Anouk Booneman Anouk is co

Healthy Fall Cooking

by Anouk BoonemanAnouk Booneman is a strong proponent of cooking your own dishes with a strong emphasis on using seasonal fresh vegetables. This month she features Mediterranean spaghetti squash bowls with parsley basil pesto; vegan broccoli rice casserol…
by Anouk Booneman And just like that

Celebrate the Bounty of Summer Food with Plant Based Recipes

by Anouk Booneman"It’s definitely summer in Upstate New York. My fridge is overflowing with long awaited greens. In the coming weeks, we will be able to choose from a very wide range of local vegetables. I purchased another cookbook recently that was full…
by Anouk Booneman It…rves 4 All pictures in the article are by Anouk Booneman Ed. Note… Anouk Booneman Anouk is co

Dragon Boating: An Excellent Cross Training Sport

by Anouk BoonemanThe sport of Dragon Boating began in China over 2,000 years ago and is continued today on the Mohawk River with the Dragons Alive group headquartered at Blain's Bay Marina in Cohoes. Our chief cooking writer, Anouk Booneman, loves the spo…
by Anouk Booneman Check out more information below…to welcome you for the upcoming season. Anouk Booneman

Bolivia: A Food Safari

by Anouk Booneman"I usually try to get an understanding of a new country in different ways, but a very important one is through food." In this article Anouk shares two wonderful vegan recipes and describes... For full article, click here
by Anouk Booneman I spent my January traveling in Bolivia.…e and sugar to taste. Serve hot or cold Anouk Booneman Anouk is co

Cookbooks as Holiday Gifts for Runners

by Anouk BoonemanAnouk is a MasterChef and as such even though she made a 2022 New Year's resolution to not buy more cookbooks, she did not succeed, and we are the luckier for it because the cookbooks she recommends are all either plant-based or vegan rec…
by Anouk Booneman I bought too many cookbooks … Wishing you safe and peaceful holidays. Anouk Booneman Anouk is co

Food to Give Thanks For

by Anouk BoonemanAnouk's article is epic. She describes step by step how to have a delightful Thanksgiving that you as the cook will enjoy and your friends or family will be enchanted by. The recipes contain no meat... Fo…
by Anouk Booneman And just like that… Anouk Booneman Anouk is co

Bounty of Summer

by Anouk BoonemanSummer is a wonderful time of the year that ushers in a wealth of fresh vegetables and fruits to use in recipes. Ratatouille is a perfect summer dish that can accommodate an overflow of leftover vegetables. The French have a variant of it…
by Anouk Booneman Summer is in full swing in upstate New Y…and toss lightly. Sprinkle with almonds. Anouk Booneman is a graduate from the Culinary Institute of

Time to Clean Out Pantry and Go Vegan!

by Anouk BoonemanSpring is here and it is time to clean out your pantry and use the leftovers to make vegan treats for your family or guests such as Vegan Lasagna Soup, Baked Crispy Tofu with Peanut Sauce and Vegan Parmesan Cheese. Bon Appetit! …
by Anouk Booneman Vega… Anouk Booneman Anouk is co

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