Rise of the Ultra Runners: A Journey to the Edge of Human Endurance

Reviewed by Tom O'GradyUltra running has become the rage and many of our HMRRC members are definitely ultra. What makes people want to suffer so much for their passion? Other than facing plain exhaustion, they enthusiastically tackle alien and treacherous…

The True Road Warriors

by Christine BishopOn New Year's Day an annual HMRRC event occurs: the Hangover Half Marathon and the 3.5 miler. This is incredible since the races happen after New Year's Eve celebrations and the weather on January 1 can be horrendous. …

Do You Have Election Stress Disorder?

by Thomas O’GradyOur democracy just experienced an event that defines what we are as Americans. We exercised our right to vote, but many of us were afraid our votes might not be tabulated. Many did not want to go to vote in public for fear of the COVID-19…

Safe Pedestrian Ways in the Capital Region: You Can Help

by Thomas O'GradyAs runners we all know dealing with traffic can be dangerous and that we must always be on the alert. You probably have traffic nightmare stories that you could share. Mayor Kathy Sheehan and others are trying to ameliorate the problem an…

Athlete Profile: Dallas DeVries

by Thomas O'GradyDallas is an athlete and computer specialist. Since the pandemic when he could not race, he has become one of the leading proponents of heatmapping and has documented broad swaths of the Capital District. Heatmapping uses GPS information …

Book Review: Neal Bascomb's The Perfect Mile

reviewed by Tom O'GradyOn May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister toed the line at the Iffley Road Track at Oxford University to run a mile. Bannister completed that mile in a time of 3:59.4, making him the first person to run under four minutes in the mile. …

An Evaluation of the Decision by World Athletics on Whether or Not to Ban the Nike Vapor Fly Racing Shoe in 2020

by Thomas O'Grady and Daniel GraceyThis article was recently published in the Entertainment and Sports Law Journal by our own runners and writers, Tom O'Grady and Daniel Gracey, past co-editor of The Pace Setter. It is an evaluation of the decision by Wor…

So, the World is Ending: What does that mean about my races and running?

by Thomas O’Grady“The disruption caused by the Coronavirus in 2020 is already unprecedented.” For runners, races were canceled or rescheduled, decisions had to be made about what to do. In the beginning social distancing was not working … F…

Winter Series Here – Updated WS1 Results

by Marcia AdamsThis year the Winter Series (WS), which is FREE to members and basically the only consistent show in town for months for runners, is adding to WS#5, February 2, a tribute to the winners of the HMRRC Grand Prix. The always popular Hangover …

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