Global Running Day and the High Rock Run Up

by Dick VincentDick and a group of friends hit the hills and ran difficult but awesome terrain by his home in celebration of the day. For full article, click here
by Dick Vincent Once again this year Global Running Day

Coaches Corner: Tapering for Your Event

by Dick VincentTaking it too easy and cutting your training back too much is a recipe for disaster. Keep in mind that you are not preparing to go into hibernation, you are preparing to race! For full article, click here
by Dick Vincent Many of you have been preparing to run a… Dick Vincent USATF

My Path to Coaching

by Tom O’GradyRead about Tom’s voyage from being a track star in high school, running in college, and then as an adult setting blazing records in races in the Albany area. “For me the decision to more formally pursue coaching was both a natural and unexp…
dy improvements. In the spring of 2011 I met Dick Vincent

Michelle Pratt: Wonderwoman of Trail Running

by Christine BishopMichelle Pratt takes multitasking to unheard of levels. She is nationally ranked in the top 10% of female trail runners, is going for her Ph.D. in applied economics; is working at the Minnesota Population Center; and has been carrying o…
38. As Dick Vincent the creator of the race describes it

Coaches Corner: Being Last Has Its Benefits

by Dick Vincent For those who worry about being last in a race, worry no more. You actually can serve a vital function without which many running groups could not survive! For full article, click here
by Dick Vincent The Heart and Soul of Your Running Group…ur group together. Long live The Hogs. Dick Vincent USATF

Boston Marathon

Dick Vincent My first Boston Marathon was in 1974. N

Runners Kitchen

with Dick Vincent In addition to being a first-class running coach, Dick Vincent is also comfortable in the kitchen. His “Joe Brown’s Jail House Chili” is sure to please on a cold day after running or hiking ... For full article, click here
with Dick Vincent I was asked about a favorite food of min… Dick Vincent Ingredients 1 tablespoon of oli

Upcoming Winter Olympics and Doping

In a short time the PyeongChang XXIII Olympic Winter Games, Korea will begin in Korea. A poll of our runners, asked what winter sport they were looking forward to the most and how they thought athletes found to be doping should be punished. For full art…
degree of the crime. Dick Vincent Sledding Competitions

Coaches Corner: After The Work(out), The Rest Is Easy

by Dick Vincent That’s right, after the work the rest is easy, but it is also easier said than done. It is hard to convince the avid runner, that easy days (let alone recovery days), are in their best interest. We grind through workouts, running in lousy …
by Dick Vincent That… Dick Vincent USATF

Runners Share Tips on Using Treadmills

In a love/hate relationship with treadmills, our runners weigh in on how to best use them when necessary such as now while frigid winds blow and roads become a sea of glare ice. Also read about a really cool new treadmill that will soon become the rage ar…
t run on treadmills at all ever. Dick Vincent I do have a treadmill. I have used it

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