The Keys to Increasing Your Aerobic Capacity

by Dick VincentIncreasing your aerobic capacity involves a delicate balance between knowing when to run hard and when to run easy. Running easy runs too fast or workouts significantly faster than Lactate Threshold pace can be detrimental to training. The …
by Dick Vincent There are many components to improving f… behind us and seeing you at the races. Dick Vincent

February Survey Question re: Covid and Exercising

by HMRRC MembersCovid has changed so many parts of our life including exercise. The fun of going to a gym with friends was replaced by solitary exercise at home. This article surveys how members responded to this challenge and suggests some extremely fun …
Dick Vincent My home gym consists of a yoga mat. Not t

Changes Brought About by the Pandemic

by HMRRC MembersCovid-19 caused an unwanted upheaval in our lives, but the extra time and isolation that accompanied it changed our routines and added new elements to it. Interestingly, a significant increase in running resulted. Prominent runners in our …
llow. That's a lot of sleepless nights. Dick Vincent Life hasn

Planning a Time Trial

by Dick VincentIn John L. Parker's iconic book, Once a Runner, its hero laments not being able to train in solitude. He obviously did not live during a pandemic. Coach Dick Vincent gives you concrete steps on how to gain motivation and take advantage of y…
by Dick Vincent In John L. Parker…is and Courtney Breiner celebrating Coach Dick Vincent

Profile: Coach Mike Barnow

by Dick VincentMike Barnow has a coaching career that spans over half a century and his accomplishments and records, be they Olympic, world or national, are legion. Recently one of his proteges, Lindsey Scherf, set the women's indoor world record for the …
by Dick Vincent Mike Barnow has a coaching career that s… Dick Vincent For more photos… workouts. Dick Vincent

Runners React to Boston Cancellation

Runners were asked: What is your reaction to the Boston Marathon being called off for the first time since its inception? Their responses may surprise you. For full article, click here
they pull it off with the restrictions. Dick Vincent With the 2020 Boston Marathon finally g

Throwback Photos

compiled by Chris BishopWhat better way during a pandemic to get a smile than looking at throwback photos. We are starting with Benita Zahn and Dick Vincent and have 3 surprise pictures at the end that we will not reveal until next month. …
compiled by Chris Bishop Benita Zahn Dick Vincent

The USA Men's & Women's Olympic Marathon Trials

by Dick Vincent"Josh Merlis and I have traveled a number of times together for running related events. Eight years ago, we went to Houston for the USA Olympic Marathon Trials so I knew this would be a blast. Josh's wife Michelle would be with us and she i…
by Dick Vincent Josh Merlis and I have traveled a number…. Atlanta was by far my best experience. Dick Vincent Archive Will it Hurt to Miss the Workou

2020 Olympic Trials Experience

by Josh Merlis"On Thursday, February 27, I flew to Atlanta, GA with Michelle (my wife) and Dick Vincent. Dick was the officiant at our wedding and Michelle and I have shared great experiences with him over the years, but in many ways, nothing could compar…
and Dick Vincent. Dick was the officiant at our wedding and M

Will it Hurt to Skip the Workout?

by Dick VincentIf a workout seems to be too much, it probably is. As runners and competitors, it is easy to push ourselves too far and hurt ourselves. It is a fine art to know when to say enough. As a friend of Dick’s said, “It isn't going to hurt you to …
by Dick Vincent The Rest Is Easy Coaches Corner Dick Vincent now holds a Level 3 USATF Coaching Certifica

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