Brina Seguine - Athlete of the Month

Brina is an elite runner who enjoys challenges both mental and physical. She pursues many sports and has a reputation as a wicked pool player. She is also the HMRRC Pace Setter Poet Laureate. Brina looks forward to the Freihofer's Run for Women in June wh…
many rest days. I do the workout posted by Dick Vincent on Tuesday on my own

Lauren Scarupa – Athlete of the Month

Lauren has been on fire in the Winter Series Races, but her running accomplishments show that her performances were to be expected. She has graciously filled out a questionnaire detailing her life as a runner. For full article, click her…
led by Coach Dick Vincent and Mark Mindel

Best Pace Setter Articles of 2022

by Christine BishopIt's fun to choose the best Pace Setter articles for 2022 and you can too. Click on the month and all the articles will appear for you to enjoy. Happy hunting. For full article, click here
Dick Vincent

Dick Vincent: Coach Interview Questionnaire

by Dick Vincent"The summer of 2012 I spent 8 days at the USATF Coaching Academy at U.N.L.V. and received my USATF Level 2 Coaching Certification. In 2014 I was accepted, and I spent 8 days at the Olympic Training Center earning both my USATF Level 3 Coach…

Michael DiNicola: Coach Interview Questionnaire

by Michael DiNicolaFast forward to 2015, when I joined the Albany Running Exchange Racing team, and from being exposed to a nurturing team atmosphere I became interested in coaching again. I sought out professional coaching courses through USATF and Jack …
I work with Dick Vincent and Mark Mindel. Both coaches hold certific

Karen Bertasso: Coach Interview Questionnaire

by Karen Bertasso"Every plan is individualized, and it has to be! I have medical residents, law students, parents working full time, people who work weekends, etc., all on different schedules. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and I focus on…
ve worked with Dick Vincent in the past

Pace Setter Coaching Special Issue

by Mary Claire Walker and Chris BishopThe April issue of the Pace Setter is dedicated to covering the topic of running coaches in the Greater Albany Region, from the benefits they bring runners, to how they became coaches and to who they are. Reading thes…
Grady Dick Vincent Brian Yates

Runner Questionnaire - Michael DiNicola

What has been your biggest running adventure to date? “I love traveling to destination races and competing against runners I’ve never met before. I enjoyed the Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon in Portland Maine. Good course. Great after party. …
I work with both Dick Vincent and Mark Mindel. Largely I run solo but cons

Runner Questionnaire - Theresa DeLorenzo

What are your favorite pre-race and post-race meals? “The night before a marathon I like to have pasta for carbs, chicken for leucine, spinach for nitric oxide release and beans for calcium and magnesium. And it’s good. I usually want pizza afterwards.” …
Merlis. When she stopped coaching I went to Dick Vincent. I like to have someone who guides me so I d

To Use or Not to Use: Ice or Meds?

by Dick VincentTo ice or not to ice? To use pain killers (NSAIDs, example: ibuprofen) or not to use pain killers? These are currently topics of debate in the athletic world. Coach Dick Vincent gives us his thoughts on this topic. …
by Dick Vincent To ice or not to ice

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