Irish Luck Rained Down on the Runnin’ of the Green Day

by Christine BishopSignificant downpours were forecast for the Runnin' of the Green race, but Irish luck shone on the runners and not a drop came down. In fact, the gray day and coolness made for great running. The runners were even luckier when race dire…

2021 On The Run

by Brina Seguine Every runner wondered before the year was done Would we be able to get together and run? The beginning of the year was looking bleak. No in-person races any runner could seek... For full article, click her…
by Brina Seguine Every runner wondered before the year wa

What Was Your Best Race of 2021 and 2022 Goals?

by Runners Like YouA question was sent out to our members about their favorite races and their goals for 2022. Find out immediately which races our runners loved! Amazingly over 50 people responded!! Enjoy reading this survey and if you want to participa…
Brina Seguine My favorite race was the Friehofer

Trotting Through the Holidays

by Brina SeguineOur poet laureate comments on the abundant and ever pleasing Turkey Trots in our area and comes up with a novel idea for December. This year's Turkey Trots were especially significant since the pandemic ruled them out last year. …
by Brina Seguine Last year we weren

Which Race to Choose?

by Brina SeguineThis year, because of the pandemic, races bunched up and unbelievably 6 major races were held on the same weekend. What a quandary and delight for runners. Brina Seguine has written a poem to commemorate this awesome one-time event! …
by Brina Seguine There were so many races on the weekend

Keeping Similarities of Running

by Brina SeguineOur Poet Laureate is at it again. When asked about how the pandemic affected her running, she replied with a poem. One that will keep you running with a smile on your face.
by Brina Seguine Running at the moment. How has it chang

Five, Four, Three, Two, One ... Happy New Running Year!

by Brina SeguineOnce again our Pace Setter poet laureate, Brina Seguine, has created a poem that describes the precarious yet promising position that running in 2021 is in. We can all identify with what she says and share her hopes for the future. Happy N…
by Brina Seguine As we head into the New Year. The way

Capital District Challenge Gains

by Brina SequineMs. Seguine has become our poet laureate, contributing another ode to running: this time about the Capital District Challenge. Those who have doggedly participated in this for five weeks will identify with her sentiments. Those who haven't…
by Brina Seguine Beginning of June today was the day. …d personal gains showed up in every way. Brina Seguine Archive COVID Questions Raised Goi

COVID Questions Raised

Haikus by Brina SeguineLast month Brina wrote a poem relating to running in a COVID-19 landscape. This month she created Haikus. If you feel inspired, you could add your own Haikus through the “Comment” section of the article, and we may publish them. …
Haikus by Brina Seguine COVID is still here. Thought it would…e are miles run daily. Anxiety lifts. Brina Seguine Archive Going With the Flow During COVID

Going With the Flow During COVID-19

by Brina SeguineWhen asked to update how she is doing in month two of the COVID-19 shut down, Brina replied by writing a creative poem that we all can identify with. For full article, click here
by Brina Seguine Since the showing of COVID

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