Program Description

The Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club (HMRRC) Grant Program offers grants of up to $1,000 to
qualifying organizations that advance running within the Capital District. The purpose of the grants is to
encourage and support additional running-related opportunities for HMRRC members and for runners in general.

Qualifying Organization

The HMRRC Grant Program is intended to benefit running-related organizations within the Capital District. Eligible organizations might be clubs, races, or umbrella organizations established to advance road running and racing. Qualifying organizations must have no restrictions on membership or participation. Thus, school teams, youth programs, or teams whose membership is by invitation only are not eligible.

Races Benefiting Charities

HMRRC has a long-standing policy of non-involvement with races whose net profits go to charitable organizations (our objective being to keep entry fees low and/or enhance the runner experience). Races that support charities through an optional check-box or other voluntary method do not fall within this policy. This policy will be taken into account in awarding grants to organizations.

Grant Applications

Applications here for an HMRRC grant must be received by either February 1 or July 1. Applications received after these dates will be included in the next application group. Applications should be mailed to Denis Hurley, 16 Longwood Drive, Delmar, New York 12054 or by email (preferred) to

Award Guidelines

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of HMRRC members. The following factors will be
considered: organization history; purpose for which Grant will be used; committee members’ experience with the organization; special benefit to HMRRC members (not required). The Grant Committee may take other factors into account.


Partner Clubs

Partner clubs offer group runs and local races to the Capital Region running community

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