General Grants

HMRRC awards grants of up to $1,000 to qualifying organizations that promote running within the Capital District. A "qualifying organization" is one that benefits "runners in general". In other words, all runners must be able to benefit from the grant (the runners do not have to be HMRRC members). As such, clubs with membership restrictions, youth organizations, etc., will not qualify.

An HMRRC Grant Application is here. Grants are awarded by an HMRRC committee in two groups in February and July, with applications due by February 1 and July 1.

Special Grants

HMRRC awards special purpose grants of up to $10,000 (the total amount allocated for special grants in the club's annual budget). Smaller grant amounts may be awarded. Such grants are proposed by the HMRRC Grants Committee at one business meeting of the club and then voted upon by the membership at the following meeting.

Special Grants have been primarily awarded to municipalities that have supported running events in the past. We have, for example, awarded $10,000 to the Town of Colonies Parks & Recreation to repair portions of the Colonie Town Park's paths. Ideas for special grants may be submitted to the Grants Committee chair. See Contacts.

Partner Clubs

Partner clubs offer group runs and local races to the Capital Region running community

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