Yoga for Runners – Pose of the Month: Tiger Pose with Bind (Eka Hasta Vyaghrasana)

by Sally Drake

Tiger pose offers a fun blend of flexibility, strength and balance, while also providing a great stretch for the ankles, shins, quads and hip flexors. This pose opens the entire front body, making it an excellent and feel-good addition to your post run routine.

How To Practice: Start in a table-top position with the wrists under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Lift one leg off the mat and bend and straighten a few times before keeping the leg lifted and knee bent. Lift the opposite hand off the mat and extend that arm behind you to take hold of the top of the lifted foot. Once you comfortably have hold of the foot, draw the heel in toward the glute. Keep your gaze forward and neck neutral. Press the foot into the hand and hold for a few breaths. Return to table-top before switching sides.

Tips:  Press firmly into your planted hand and the top of the planted foot and shin to help your balance. Aim to keep your hips level (facing the mat). Engage the core by drawing the low belly up and in–this will support your spine as you deepen the backbend. Important! If your hand does not reach your foot, that’s ok! Reach the arm in that direction or use a strap to take hold of the foot or ankle. Do not force the pose to find the bind–work in stages and listen to your body.


Sally Drake has been a runner in the Capital District community for over twenty years and  is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher. She teaches yoga at The Hot Yoga Spot in Albany at 6:30am on Monday and Thursday mornings and Monday evenings at 7:30pm. Follow her on Instagram @sdrakeyogi for schedule and class details.

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