Members’ 2023 Achievements and 2024 Goals

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Beth Stalker

Accomplishment-  doing The ADK USATF Grand Prix series because it was atypical challenging races mixed with tried and true.   And finally getting > 90% age graded at TTT.

2024 Goals- race at least 4 triathlons and try to get > 90% age graded.

Emily Taft

I have a few memorable running accomplishments from 2023. I was really proud of my 19th place finish at the Freihofer's Run for Women 5k back in June, and our ARE Racing Team was the first place open team against some tough competition! I set a pr in the mile at the Burnt Hills Rt. 50 mile (one of my favorite races) in July and got the win! And 2023 ended up being my highest mileage year yet, and I shared a lot of those miles with great running friends throughout the year.

I'm hoping to kick 2024 off with a marathon PR this January at the Houston Marathon! This spring, I have some big goals in shorter races- hoping to pr in the 5k (17:38) and the mile (5:10).

Wei Ma

I ran 6 marathons in 2023 (3 in spring and 3 in fall). All the three races in fall are sub 3. I also truly enjoy running with my son, Jerry.

Goal: I need to complete all the majors (three left and I will run NYC in 2024). And run as many marathons as I can. Yes, I want to run with Jerry as long as I can still keep up with him:)

Rebekah Tolley

Best running happening was running with my 7 year old son, Emile for his first 5k. Second was at the Cohoes Turkey Trot where full cans of beer were being thrown to finishers and I was loudly cheered when I caught mine while holding onto the stroller with my daughter in it! Almost felt like I was back home in Canada!

Emile’s goal is to run a bit faster so he can keep up with me, (but I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before he’s faster than me lol.) My goal is to increase my overall mileage!

Bill Hoffman

Best running event was getting the first Buck 50K going. Best race I ran was the 50K in the Swiss Alps.

Goals for 2024 are to continue building back up (after the broken foot), and hopefully finish another 100 miler, and my 5th Manitous revenge.

Megan James

I finished Boston for the 4th time! Coming off an injury with only one 2+ hour run under my belt, I was expecting to walk a lot and finish in 4-4.5 hours, but the magic of Boston kept me going … I ran (& truly enjoyed!) the whole race and finished in 3:43!

My goal for 2024 is to feel physically and mentally prepared for PR attempts in a few races. With injury and illness in 2023, I couldn’t string together enough solid training to make those attempts.

Charlie Ragone

This year, I’m setting my sights big! I’m determined to shred my 10K PR by at least 30 seconds, and finally conquer the marathon distance. I also plan on challenging myself in the JFK 50 Miler. But my hunger for progress extends beyond personal records. I’m on a mission to ignite a running revolution within RunClub. Having a great RunClub Championships in May and welcoming in new faces.

Tom O’Grady

My biggest accomplishment of 2023 was running 2:35 at the Boston Marathon and also running my 15th Stockade-athon.

For 2024 I’m planning on running my 10th Boston Marathon. I hope to run well there. I’m also signed up for the August Twisted Branch 100k in Finger Lakes, NY, which will be the longest race I’ve run.

David Roy

Ran the Mountain Masochist 50K! [Ed. Note: Article in this Issue!]

My goal is to run “Highland Fling Race” on the West Highland Way Trail in Scotland. I’m registered, bought the airline tickets, made the hotel reservations and am hoping I can pull it off, which isn’t a definite. So many things for a runner can go wrong before then. There is a ton of really interesting trivia about that race so I hope to do an article for the Pace Setter later.

Greg Ethier

I trained really hard this past year and it paid off. I was able to PR in the 5k, 10k, 15k, half marathon and most importantly full marathon as I ran my first sub-3.

I figure my goal for 2024 is to aim to do it all again. I plan to train even harder, hopefully stay healthy and see how it goes.

Happy New Year!

Michelle Davis Carr

My most memorable accomplishment for 2023 was getting under 19 minutes in the 5K. That is something I thought I could never do.

My running goals for 2024 are: Sub: 1:30 in the half. It didn’thappen in 2023 because H2H was way too hot. In the marathon a 3:05 or faster.

Lori Kingsley

Honestly, this would be most memorable, versus great races, which I had in the fall (torn Achilles beginning of spring).

Even though I had some good times and finishes in races, my highlight was my grandson. I was prepared to do a large, local, Turkey Trot 5k (over 1k do this for a local hospital cancer unit). I finished 2nd last year and was prepared to try and get in the top 3 again, but plans changed the morning of the race. My 6-year-old grandson called me and said,” Grammy, I’m running the race with you!” It took me less than a second to say,” yes!!!” I put my racing shoes away, put on my running shoes and we did the entire 5k together. He ran the majority of the 3.1 mile trek! It was memorable to say the least. We laughed and I was able to take in the moment the entire way. It’s wonderful to see that generation enjoying the sport I love. My love for them is bigger than any race I’ve won. This is a reminder of what we pass on and what they will remember about you.

Goal: I’m doing a February marathon. After being sidelined the first 7 months of last year, I moved doing my marathon to 2024. While the majority is enjoying their downtime, I’m in my full training cycle. I just booked my flight and will enjoy a few days out west.

Tricia Longo

My most memorable running accomplishment in 2023 was running a 2:55 marathon and finally breaking 3 hours. This is a goal I had for many years, and I was so happy to finally achieve it.

For 2024, my goal is to keep having fun training and racing!

John Longo

My favorite parts:

1) individually last March when I ran 1:10:50 at a half marathon at Rockland State Park. I got to run with my friends Alex Grout and Scott Mindel. We traveled down with Ryan and Cara Udvadia too. So, it was a good weekend.

2) as a team I liked going to Lehigh with a group of 5 of us. Or getting a big group at Stockade-athon and spanning generations of running and different friend groups to come together.

Goals for 2024: Stay healthy. I’m lifting with Dylan Brickner and have since the first week of October and just 10 weeks in an already I am seeing differences. I’m excited to keep building with this. I’d like to keep growing Run Club and continuing to network and reach out to a lot of local college kids. Ryan, Tricia, Karen, Alex Grout and I are all running Chicago. It would d be fun to finally get under 2:30 there with Alex (fingers crossed for good weather).

Kari Deer

Running Boston for the first time with My Love, Johnny! ❤️
Goal: To run the Boston Marathon again with My Love, Johnny! ❤️

Lauren Scarupa

I would say that my biggest accomplishment in 2023 was running the NYC Marathon. My running goal for 2024 is to race well at the Chicago Marathon, and also to lower my mile time.

Danielle Eckler

My goal would be to break 20 minutes in the 5k! I think that’s a very common goal runners like to chase. I’ve been hovering around 20:45 ish range for years it feels like! I’ve never specifically trained for a 5k, so looking forward to trying that and getting the legs moving faster. I just need to find a race with my ideal weather (cold, cold).

                                       Mark Mindel and Mat Nark

Mat Nark

I run for general fitness BUT my main goal in 2024 is to help as many of our runners achieve their running goals in the New year!

Tom Gabriel

I had a few races in a row starting with H2H that I wasn’t happy with. They just didn’t feel right I recorrected my approach for Miles on the Mohawk 10 Miler and had a solid performance. It taught me something about the type of runner I am.

Goal: Run Boston under 3 hours

Carolann Koleci

Being able to run this year's Mohawk Hudson Marathon (my 2nd marathon so far) despite not being fully recovered (from injury) and losing two out of three and a half months of training. It was a miracle that I didn't think was possible!

Goal 2024: To qualify for the Boston Marathon!

Rebekah Tolley

Best running happening was running with my 7 year old Emile for his first 5k. Second was at the Cohoes Turkey Trot where full cans of beer were being thrown to finishers and I was loudly cheered when I caught mine while holding onto the stroller with my daughter in it! Almost felt like I was back home in Canada!

Emile’s goal is to run a bit faster so he can keep up with me, (but I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before he’s faster than me lol.) My goal is to increase my overall mileage!

John Parisella

Actually, volunteering for the HMRRC at the Winter Series, particularly the WS#1 a few weeks ago, has been memorable for the fellowship and friendliness which was present in abundance. Helping at the STKD15k was worthwhile personally. Similarly, the feelings generated at the Just Run XC meet in October stands out. I had so much fun at these, and most other, events.

As far as a running goal, I’d like to run 5 days a week with a track workout and a trail run each week. I’d like to run a mile race, some 5ks and maybe 1 or 2 longer races from 10k to 15k.

Amber Ciofi

Finally getting a marathon PR at Philly (2:56:25), and winning the Joshua Tree Half Marathon while bettering my course record 20 seconds.

My Goal is to run a sub 2:55 marathon and better my course record at Joshua Tree Half Marathon.

Mary Claire Falotico

Being a part of the organization process of the Flutters and Foliage Endurance Race and then running the 6 hour event with my little sister both earning a buckle for completing a 50K and receiving that buckle from my husband.

Goal: Increasing speed in the spring, then another 100 mile race in the fall.

Kristen Hislop

Got to go with being the first female at the Good Karma 5k. Best running happening was becoming a coach for cross country and track & field at Shenendehowa.

My goal is to continue to grow the Run for Women as we near our 50th anniversary!

Brina Seguine

(I asked Brina to write a poem since she is the HMRRC Poet Laureate!

The running world in 2023.
Boy was it a sight to see!
In person running was at full force.
Lots of people at each race of course.
There were many races about which people talk.
Such as Freihofer's, Delmar Dash, and Miles on the Mohawk.
Speaking of the Delmar Dash 5 miler in the mix.
My best accomplishment this year; ran it in 32:06.
There were a few other races that I ran.
But I would like to do another half marathon if I can.
The New Year is coming in for you and me.
What will it bring? We shall see!

Meg Louden

My goal for 2024 is to either do the Wineglass or Philly Marathon. Also, to just find the joy in running again.

Julianne McCarthy

Oh, boy. I really didn’t run that many races in 2023: 3 to be exact. I guess my win at APD 5K would be the most memorable and fun. It was a good comeback after taking 8 months off!

Goal: to improve my 5K, 10K & 15K times while keeping a focus on shorter mid-distance improvements.

Dallas DeVries

My running goal is to get back to regular running after surgery on my feet in September and December. A build up and strong Stockade-athon would make me happy.

Ryan Cooper

I would say it was getting a PR at H2H. It was a warm day, but I had done really well training and felt great.

My goal for 2024 is run smart and not get myself hurt. Every time I push outside of my pace ranges, bad things happen. With that said, I want to get a PR in the 1/2 marathon.

Greg Rickes

On a perfect April morning in Florida I did the Pirates Run 5k in under 30 minutes, something i haven't done since before the Pandemic.

Debbie and I have our goal race for 2024. Wine & Chocolate 5K, April 6, 2024.

Debbie Rickes

Debbie says her fastest race was on the challenging Cohoes Turkey Trot course, but her happiest race was the Wildlight 5k in Yulee Florida. Fine weather conditions, early morning sun and not too hot, course was through an expanding housing development with just a touch of off-road terrain. All flat.

Paul Forbes

Tracking my niece, Kathleen Burch, as she ran a PR at the NYC Marathon: 3:08! Seeing my 7 year old nephew, Lucas Forbes, wearing his turkey trot finishers medal to school the week after the race.

My goal for 2024 is to complete a 5K.

Benita Zahn

I was cast in sSheer Madness at the Lake George Dinner Theater. It’s the longest running non-musical in the country. The show was created in Lake George at that theater 45 years ago. I’ve been waiting 20 years to have a roll in it! And of course, I expanded my consulting business in health and wellness coaching. In between, I ran a lot of delightful 5k races like the Teal Ribbon Run.

Goal: I’m planning to sign up for the NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 18. It’s probably my favorite half marathon.

Chris Bishop

My 2023 accomplishments were editing The Pace Setter and writing numerous articles: taking photographs at every HMRRC race, the Hairy Gorilla, and the Run 4 the River Half Marathon. In addition, walking/running 15 miles per week.

My goal for 2024 is to retire from The Pace Setter, which I will always hold dear, to enable me to have time to help my husband’s health improve.

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