Another Successful Just Run Season

by Anne Hurley

After a successful return to action following the pandemic, HMRRC’s Just Run Program is back to pre-pandemic numbers, with 1,800 students from 30 elementary schools participating this spring. Just Run is designed to introduce youngsters grades two through six to organized running, sportsmanship and goal setting. Under the leadership of Ken Skinner, volunteers at each school administered a training program that culminated in our Spring Track Meet, held at Mohonasen High School, with invaluable assistance from dozens of HMRRC volunteers as well as coach Sherman and several of his Mohonasen track athletes.

The first session of the meet was held on June 6, 2023. Occasional rain didn’t dampen the fun and enthusiasm, even as thunder and lightning eliminated the last event of the day. When the Canadian wildfires forced a rescheduling of the second session, the program responded as runners do, making the necessary adjustments in scheduling, transportation, and logistics, so that the meet was completed on June 14, 2023. As with the first session, the young athletes were excited to participate, and to cheer on their teammates.

Participants from both sessions came away with a sense of what it is to run with a community, to encourage each other and to feel proud of their individual progress through the program. For the volunteers and spectators, it was proof positive that the running spirit is alive, well, and resilient in the Capital District.

Just Run returns to action in the fall with its Cross Country program, continuing the mission of providing a no cost organized running experience to Capital Region elementary school students.

Volunteers – We thank them because without them, the event could not be!

Daniel Abbott
Dick Adler
Marey Bailey
George Baranauskas
Bob Barbato
Karen Bertasso
Catie Bink
John Blanchard
Barbara Bradley
Ed Brown
Jackie Brown
Tom Bulger
Max Carter
Ravi Chauhan
Pat Cremmins
Jude Dinan
Karen Dott
Mitch Gaige
Pat Glover
Gianna Hadson
John Haley
Mike Hannah
Hannah Herrick
Gianna Hobson
Anne Hurley
Jenna Kingsbury
Raymond Kinzie
Ken Klapp
Ray Lee
Lauren Lehman
Tom Lesniak
Abby Marriner
Bob McFarland
Tom McGuire
Bill Meehan
Jill Mehan
Colleen Mickle
Liz Milo
Jim Moore
Sandy Morley
Paul Murray
Amelia Musto
Joe Natalie
Ed Neiles
Eli Nevin
Peter Newkirk
Ray Newkirk
Olivia Palleschi
Vanessa Palleschi
John Parisella
Ginny Pezzula
Jean Quattrocchi
Madison Quivey
Dominick Rappazzo
Carol Reardon
Jon Rocco
Chris Rush
Arleen Ryell
Pete Sheridan
Anna Sherman
Bill Sherman
Kate Sherman
Ken Skinner
Marissa Smith
Barbara Sorrell
Paul Stelmaszyk
Lexi Thayer
Michael Thumann
Mekka Vasquez
Mark Vermilyia
Mark Warner

If you volunteered and your name was omitted, click here to add your name to the list.

If you would like more information about this program or are interested in enrolling your school, please click here.

Just Run Results

Just Run School Photos by Bill Meehan and Ray Lee

Just Run - Day One Photos

Just Run – Day Two Photos

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