Winter Series 4 – The Penultimate Contest

by Christine Bishop

On January 29, a mild winter day, the 4th Winter Series race had 286 runners and NO snow.

As usual, there were three different races with surprisingly the 10K having significantly more runners than the 5.5K.  To honor those who ran the 30K, the entire results will be listed. The Winter Series race was directed by John Parisella with moral support from Mat Nark.

As usual, after runners were finished, a recuperative bowl of soup donated by Bountiful Bread and served by Maureen Cox awaited them along with other healthy goodies to eat. In addition, overall and age group winners were given coupons for a free loaf of bread of their choice at, you guessed it, Bountiful Bread.

The ultimate Winter Series Race will be on February 12, the same day as the Superbowl but fortunately much earlier. It will be directed by dynamic Patrick Lynskey. The race has three distances with the 10 Miler being an HMRRC Grand Prix event. The other 2 distances are 5.5K and 20 Miles! With distances like this, the tasty soup will be devoured immediately.  As for the weather, the leading weather stations predicted no snow, blizzards, bomb tornedoes, or polar vortices just cloudy skies with temperatures in the mid 30s.

Winter Series 4 Results

5.5K – Click here or on picture for complete results

15K Results – Click here or on picture for complete results

30K Results – Click here for complete results

                      30 K Winners – Picture by Paula Wood

WS4 Volunteers- We thank them greatly for enabling WS4 to happen!!

Allen, Debbie
Bailey, Marey
Becker, Mike
Bishop, Christine
Boughtwood, Paula
Cole, Dave
Cox, Maureen
Davis, Bill
Diamond, Rocky
Dutfield, Stewart
Farrell, Grace
Futterman, Robert
Gillen, Ed
Habel, Jessica
Hallahan, Teagan
Halloran, David
Hao, Liwei
Hurley, Anne
Hurley, Denis
Moreland, Bill
Newman, David
Parisella, John
Reardon, Carol
Sullivan, Georgia
Tremper, Jim
Tremper, Joanna
Vermilyea, Mark
Yavonditte, Joe
If your name was omitted, press button to let us correct it.

BTW Volunteers are desperately needed for the WS5, so please help. Click here!!!!!

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