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by Christine Bishop

We are proud to announce a series of exciting upcoming races with some with significant changes that make them more inclusive. After the races, the new members will be listed.


The Delmar Dash on April 16 will be a Grand Prix event for all participants who are under 40 years of age.  The race starts near the entrance of the Bethlehem Central Middle School on Kenwood Avenue and winds through the beautiful tree covered streets of Delmar for five miles and ends back at the Middle School.

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*43rd Bill Robinson Memorial 10K and Masters’ Championship 10K Race on April 29 is OPEN TO ALL!

For the first time this race is open to ALL ages to run but for those lucky enough to be in the Master category it is a Grand Prix race.  Commemorative Gifts will be given to the first 125 Registered Runners!

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                              *CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge will be May 18th at 6:25 p.m.

The CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge is the largest running event in the Capital District of New York, and is organized by, and serves as the major fundraiser for, the HMRRC. The proceeds help underwrite many of HMRRC’s activities and offerings, including college scholarships, grants, free races for members, and the Just Run® Program, which encourages grade school children to run for exercise and fun.

CDPHP is now in its thirteenth year as the primary sponsor of this event.

*Some company email servers/firewalls block emails to/from If your email bounces back, please talk to your IT dept. about releasing our emails or use a personal email account instead to reach us.

This year’s Charity of choice is the Rotterdam Community Center

Funds raised via the 2023 CDPHP® Workforce Team Challenge will be used to fund the expansion of the Bread of Life Food Pantry and Produce Pantry programs, which together served 31,267 meals to those in need from June – December 2022. From yoga to free movie nights, fresh produce distributions to board game nights, crafting groups to Zumba, a full service food pantry and so much more, Rotterdam Community Center is grateful for your support.

You are also welcome to come to the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge as a visitor to watch and cheer on the teams.

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*50th Distinguished Service Race 8 Miler (Grand Prix Event!)

This race is held to honor the person or persons who most helped the HMRRC during the year. The race is free to members and is in the HMRRC Grand Prix 2023 Schedule.

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TheTri-City ValleyCats Fathers’ Day 5K is always an awesome event. Southpaw is at hand to entertain everyone, the stadium is alive with runners, and the billboard is active.  After the first runners come in, there is a delicious banquet for all runners to enjoy full of favorite ballpark food.  The awards categories include father and daughter teams, and father and son teams. It is a wonderful event for the whole family and full of excitement. Members get a $5 discount on the race.

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Membership is key to a club’s health and its ability to carry out its functions. The HMRRC needs its members to run the organization and run in its races, help with races, carry out administrative functions, and so much more. In addition, the money brought in by membership fees helps to finance our races and the many charitable activities we engage in. For example, the HMRRC yearly grants six $3,000 scholarships to worthy high school student athletes; carries out a program called Just Run that encourages young children to run and helps to finance those in schools that do not have financial resources to do so; gives money for road and trail improvement in areas that runners, bicyclists and walkers use for recreation; and donates to needy organizations that promote running and health in the Capital Region. It annually donates at least $75,000 each year for these endeavors. So, as you can see, the HMRRC is more than races and your contribution through membership fees helps to make this happen.

New Members:

Karem Adele
Brittany Barrett
Ashley Bayly
Daniel Beecher
William Beecher
Samuel Beecher
Amanda Beecher
Sharon Bell
Jean Boltz
Shannon Browne
Daniel Browne
N Burdette
Meredith Carpenter
Julieta Carvajal
Cathy Cawley
Van Chakalis II
Karen Chapman
Don Chillrud
Mike Chrzan
Barbara Cirillo
Lori Coffin
Meghan Conboy
Beth Cwiakala
Paul Cwiakala
Alex Dias
Keri Ducler
Tomas Dvorak

Jason Edwards
Lilja Edwards
Sampo Edwards
Tuuli Edwards
Kate Faughnan
Jamie Ferrari
Anthony Ferreri
Suzanne Fiore
Kathy Fisher
Kyle Folino
Sean Fuller
Jim Giglio
Lindy Godlewski
Peter Goutos
Lisa Grabbe
John Greene
Debbie Griswold
Krystal Hammond
Lisa Harrison
Rose Hawver
Philip Hawver
Greg Hays
Michele Huber
Lynn Hughes
Josh J
Tom Jackson
Jeremy Kergel
Mandy Kergel
Joanne Kingston
Laura Labbe
Nick Lamando
Bernie Landa
Christopher Lavoy
Sharon Leavens
Rachel Lee
Liz Love
Chris Mast
Laudric Maxwell
Aaron Mengel
Courtney Moore
Amie Moore
Rachel Moore
Jennifer O'Connor
Julius pasquariello
Shaw Patton
Charlie Pensabene
Peter Pochily
Jim Pozniakas
Sathya Raghavan
Richard Reno
Ruth Rivera
Katlyn Rivera
Hannah Rosen
Marlene Ross
Martin Rowley
Mike Ruhm
Christopher Rusc
Ekaterina Sazon
Haley Schager
James Schager
Jacob Schneider
Steven Scotten
Rick Shearer
Cathy Sheehan
James Sheehan
Michael Sheehan
Rob Sheftel
Sophia Sheldon
Madeline Sileccnia
Cheryl Smith
Catherine Soloyna
Kalie Spurgas
Navin Srivastava
Bernice St. Aimee-Ives
Andrew Steenburgh
Jillian Steenburgh
Kathleen Tersigni
Carol Terwilliger
Terry Tolan
Oliver Tomchick
Tara Travis
Guy Tuck
john vavasour
Mary Frances Verostek
Jesse Waldmann
Laura Wharton
Todd Zenio
If your name has been omitted, please click here!

Click here to join the HMRRC and help it in its mission to promote running and health in the Capital Region. If you want to have your picture included in our article about new members for the month, please send it here.

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