Run 4 The River Half Marathon 2022

by Charlie Ragone, Aidan Canavan, Tyler Morrissey, Kat Morrissey, Amber Coppolo and Chris Bishop

The Run 4 the River Half Marathon 2022 was bound to be a knockout race. Mat Nark meticulously planned for it for over a year and all was ready.

Members of Mat’s running team were psyched as were runners from HMRRC, ARE and other local running clubs.

                                          Nark Running Systems Members

The day of the race was glorious as was the picturesque Mabee Farm, which is the oldest farm in the Mohawk Valley (1705).

              Julianne McCarthy, Mat Nark, and son Ryan

The Mabee Farm buzzed with anticipation

Ready, set go!

The Winners Speak!!

Charlie Ragone #1

I finished my final track season for college last spring and have since been training. Leading to this race Run Club has been putting in countless hours of work. I had a great time opening the fall road race season in a race that was so well put together. Having a race that ends with a party at Frog Alley was so much fun. Growing up in Niskayuna and running on the Hudson Mohawk bike trail has always been my favorite place to run/bike/adventure, so it is important to me to defend the home turf a little! I look forward to hitting some more local road races in the area, with Run Club.

What we really liked about this event is that Mat Nark brings together a club team atmosphere. Run Club hopes to also bring a team atmosphere to the sport of running. It seems so many sports have recreational leagues yet running does not.  Run Club hosts events around the sport of cross country and track and field. We plan on hosting a NCAA xc fantasy draft in October where we host and manage others leagues.
Run Club can be followed at their Instagram page @runclubtc.

Aidan Canavan

It feels great to come away with second place in my first half marathon. My training partner Charlie Ragone and I have been putting in a great number of miles in preparation for this fall. We are hoping to build off this performance in races to come.

I was hoping to bring it in with my teammate Charlie but I went through a rough patch around mile 11. I waited for the runner in 3rd to reconnect and opened my stride up over the last mile to secure 2nd place for Run Club. The electrifying feeling of making the final turn into Frog Alley is something that is truly unique to this event. I hope to return next year and continue the legacy of my team sweeping the podium.

Tyler Morrissey

It was an awesome race and event. I finished with about a 90 second PR and 3rd place overall so definitely I was happy with that. Looking forward to my marathon in about 4 weeks from now. Once again Mathew Nark delivered everything a runner could want with this race/event!

Kat Morrissey-#1

I knew going into the race that it was going to be very competitive and I was very excited for that. Just looking at the times from last year, I knew there were some very speedy ladies and very fast men, so I was really looking forward to being able to toe the line for a fast race. I had a disappointing race a few weeks ago, and I was really hoping to have a good one today and redeem myself. The course was great, and the gaps opened up pretty early on, but I was fortunate enough to get a push from the ladies behind me and really focused on chasing and hopefully catching some of the men in front of me. I was happy to walk away with a 49 second PR.

Amber Coppolo

I’m just starting the training block for CIM so I technically wasn’t supposed to race this (oops). I planned to hit the first 6 miles hard for a 10k PR, and drop out at mile 8. Once I got to mile 8-9, I was in second place and decided to just go for it. This was a breakthrough race for me, and a PR from all distances of 10k up to the half marathon, even with starting way too fast. I didn’t expect to come in top three, or even finish the race but I sure am glad I did! Like they say, you miss all of the shots you don’t take. Even though I put in the work, big thanks to Mat Nark and his wonderful team of people for getting me this far, the improvements just keep coming!

Meg Veerstegen  (Came  in first in her age group)

As I prep for the Chicago Marathon (my 5th major!!), the Run 4 the River half fit beautifully into my training plan. Five weeks out, local, and mother nature provided a lovely day. Mabee Farms was a nice staging area for the start, and I really enjoyed the bike trail portions of the course. I was incorporating the race miles into my long run, and my goal was to try and keep an even pace throughout. Lol and behold I was successful in my efforts! I felt pretty good, and tried to pick it up a little in the final mile. I knew the finish line was shortly after that right turn off of State Street, but didn't realize how close or that it was downhill. I had to laugh at myself afterwards for almost tripping over myself as I sprinted to the finish, and the race announcer calling me out for "almost catching" the man ahead of me! Overall a solid run, fun day, and I grabbed first in my age group. Terrific kickoff for the long weekend - happy Labor Day, all!

                                    Where it ended: Frog Alley

                              At the finish line, a great party awaited the finishers

                                        Click on picture above for complete results


See you next year!

BTW Mat Nark Running Systems is offering a special training program for the upcoming HMRRC Stockade-athon in Schenectady!

Click here to get extensive pictures of the race

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