Haven’t Done Many But Loved the Ones I Did

by Meg Louden

The year has not been as packed with races as usual, but these are the ones I have done so far.

1. The boilermaker 15k – this was my favorite race so far this year. Not being able to run this race the last few years and the cooler temp at the start made it feel like a whole different race. Of course, the hill going up to the golf course and the hill within the golf course was not fun, I just kept telling myself there is some nice downhill running ahead and us it to my advantage.

2. The Firecracker 4 – My girls did the kids race first and they loved having ice-cream for breakfast. This was not my fasted firecracker as I used it to work on pacing and it felt good and knew I could have kept on running, and the hill at the end also didn’t feel as bad as it did in the past. The weather also was good that morning.

3. The Boston Marathon – After running Boston this past fall (2021) and not doing so great, I was not sure how the spring marathon was going to go. I did 100 times better and felt way better. Again, it was another nice cool morning at the start. It did heat up but nothing that was too awful.  

4. Freihofer’s – Always a favorite when women can run and encourage each other. This race is without fail a great event and so family friendly. After the race I then spent the rest of the day coaching and watch the girls play soccer.

5. The Electric City 5 Miler – I think if you ask anyone about this race, they would say it was nuts. Training for a race in the snow is tough in general but when you add a race to the mix, holy moly. It was fun but I did do some ice skating here and there, but again it wasn’t cold, just snowy.

Somehow this year I feel like the weather has been good and not too hot for all the races I have done. I do look forward to running these races every year (Boston is always a pending event). I am training for the Mohawk Hudson half marathon now.

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