Race Recap: HMRRC Labor Day 5K

by Megan James

60 degrees and a light rain – pretty close to prime racing conditions! Despite having one of the smallest fields in its 35+ years running, HMRRC’s Labor Day 5K still drew a good crowd with some exciting results. Having started my running career at age 8 in a very small road race in Berne, I have always held a special place in my heart for the races (and race directors, and volunteers) who keep showing up, no matter how big or small, fast or slow, hot or cold things turn out on race day.

It’s easy enough to look at the race results and spot the top male & female runners and the age-group division awards … so I want to use this space to highlight a few runners from this race who may not have caught your attention in your results scan, but are well-deserving of recognition for their impressive performances:

Dave Glass (76, Glenville): He finished in 22:36, which is
is a National-level age-graded performance of 84%, and
is comparable to a male running 15:22 ... wow!
Jake Washco (6, Waterford): Jake placed 3rd in the youngest
age group for males with a time of 29:38, and was the youngest
male finisher. Maddie Washco (6, Waterford): Maddie placed
2nd in the youngest age group for females with a time of 36:48,
and was the youngest female finisher.
Alice Carpenter (72, Delmar) was the oldest female finisher,
in a time of 38:38. Jim Moore (82, Niskayuna) was the oldest
male finisher, in a time of 35:04. Both of these were
age-graded performances around 60%.

What I love about running is being able to share it with others; our local running community is so well-connected, welcoming and supportive. Running has allowed me countless opportunities to explore new locations, make new friends, build referral networks (I am a physical therapist and running coach, so I’m always on the lookout for good resourcesJ), and share the joys, challenges and adventure of lifelong (hopefully!) fitness, enjoyment of the sport, and health.

Many thanks to John Parisella (race director), Naval Nuclear Laboratory (sponsor), and all of the volunteers, timing crew and spectators for making this race happen!

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