Winter Series Survivor Heroes: They Participated in ALL 5 Races!

by Chris Bishop

        Notice the different way the award winning buff was worn!

In total, 24 people either volunteered or ran ALL of the five Winter Series Races 20221-2022. These are the people who boldy ventured out on frigid early mornings to race or volunteer, while the rest of us slept happily in our warm homes or were reading the morning Sunday papers having a cozy breakfast and a cup of coffee.

Congratulations to these die-hard supporters of running with a slightly modified USPS motto: 

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor frigid mornings stay these runners and volunteers from the swift completion of their appointed races.

To follow are pictures of those who helped to make the Winter Series possible and faithfully attended all races.  Some there were no pictures of.  If you know them and can get them to contact me, I will add their pictures.  Click here to contact me! - CB

Karen Dott – (no picture)

Jen Galeo – (no picture)

Lindsey Klinge – (no picture)

Lindsey Krebs – (no picture)

Jayne Maloney (no picture)

Ryan McCann – (no picture)

Joanna Tremper – (no picture)

Jim Tremper – (no picture)

We thank them and if you want to volunteer next year, your work will be featured in the Pace Setter and you will get a hat initiating you into this elite group of people who love and promote winter running.

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