Miles on the Mohawk: The Heat Was On!

by Samantha Simmons

Hot and heavy. That’s how many runners who participated in the second annual Miles on the Mohawk races would describe race day conditions this year.

Bright and early as the sun shone on the course, runners were gearing up for their races. The marathon and 5 miler started at Mohawk Harbor and the 10 miler at Mabee Farm.

The top three men’s and women’s finishers in each race were as follows:

5 mile

Vincent Aceto  29:01                                       Elizabeth Predmore 31:53

Joe Degiorgio  29:17                                                    Michelle Davis 33:03

Jamal Vazquez 29:55                                           Megan James 34:06

10 Mile
Tyler Morrissey 54:59                                                          Christine Myers 1:03:12

Shaun Donegan 55:17                                                          Tricia Longo 1:04:48

Jonathan Lindenauer 55:19                                   Elizabeth Chauhan 1:12:22


Reid McGrath  2:41:45           Meghan Mortensen 3:16:32

Jim Sweeney  2:46:29            Kendra Sirak 3:18:27

Cameron Davis 2:29:24          Amanda Aussems 3:19:23

The winner of the 5 mile, Vincent Aceto, said this was his first time doing this race. He recently ran the Heldeburg to Hudson Half Marathon. He started running consistently a year ago and is excited to be racing at an amateur elite level. Locally, he runs his own functional strength training business in Schenectady called Body Mind Fitness. You can find them on Instagram at @bmf_fit.

Anton Conto, a local race buff and runner with Fleet Feet, ran the 5 miler. He was joined by a handful of teammates from the Fleet Feet team. These runners are a part of the 5k/10k advanced program that the running specialty store offers out of their Albany location.

Before the race, Tyler Morrissey, the winner of the 10 miler, said his peak event was a marathon in New Hampshire that he won, and is using this race to end a great season. “After this, I’ll take some time off and then get back into training.”

“It felt good. It got really hot, so I had to scale the pace back a little bit. The heat got to me at mile 7.”

Daniel Lennon, who placed fourth in the 10 miler, said he was looking for a better outcome and would have liked to come out with the win. He said he “felt prepared for the race but maybe he wasn’t prepared to race in the heat” quite yet.

Mary Claire Walker, a serial marathoner, has recently added more speedwork to her training. She usually runs ultramarathons but used this race as a faster race for the season. Her goal was to be under four hours, which she achieved. As a form of support, her fiancé decorates outfits of encouragement for all of her races to wear as he cheers her on. Her next race is the Vermont 100 miler.

Race Results – Click on links below for data
5 Mile Race Results

10 Mile Race Results

Marathon Race Results

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