Take Me Out to the Valley Cats Home Run 5K Race

by Poet Laureate, Brina Seguine

Runners were so ready for this day.
It was the return of the Valley Cats Father’s Day 5K.
It’s been three years, I almost couldn’t comprehend.
The wait for this race finally came to an end.
Besides the wind, the weather was just fine.
Lots of happy runners were at the starting line.
There was another familiar face everyone saw.
It was none other than the Valley Cats SouthPaw.
The race was truly reborn.
With the runners ready for the horn.
All of the runners were feeling the thrills.
As they were dreamed of the roads and hills.
Near the end of the race the runners did not yield.
But made their way around the baseball field.
After the race was a familiar scene.
Racers and spectators did convene.
They looked at the results and ate some snacks.
Nobody needed to buy peanuts or cracker jacks.
Then the awards ceremony was where it was at.
One of the prizes was a big baseball bat.
After everything was done one thing was clear.
Nobody could wait until next year!


Brina has won the Home Run Derby multiple times. She is also the HMRRC Pace Setter Poet Laureate. If you click on her photo, you will be able to read her other poems and articles about her accomplishments.


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