Runner Questionnaire - Pete Rowell

                                                          Pete and Emily in Norway

When and why did you start running?

I started running in elementary school. My dad always ran a lot, so I tagged along with him at first. That led to joining the Averill Park Road Runners, field days, high school, and college track, and now road racing.

What has been your biggest running adventure to date?

Running in Norway with my wife Emily. We didn’t race at all, but the trail running we did was spectacular.

What is your approach to training? Do you follow a particular training plan, or do you work with a coach and if so, who?

I loosely base my training off Jack Daniels. I say loosely because I am of the mindset that running is a pretty simple sport. Run hard, recover, repeat. Sure there are different systems to work, and paces to hit, but at the end of the day, it’s about getting out there and being consistent. So many people are looking for the perfect workout or training plan, but all they need to do is be consistent, and they will see improvements.

What is your weekly mileage in peak racing/marathon training season? What is your approach to the off season?

I try to hover from 60-70 with some weeks touching 80. I’m always looking to bump my mileage, albeit while running slowly.

During our cold winter days, do you brave poor weather conditions or stick indoors on the treadmill? If you do run outside, what safety measures do you take?

I try to bundle up and get outside as much as I can. Every now and then I resort to the treadmill, which is a nice change of pace, but that might be 5-7 times over the winter. I don’t take too many precautions outside (I probably should).

What was your worst injury and how did you get over it?

I had plantar fasciitis a few years back. It took a summer of no running and all biking for it to heal. That’s when I discovered Strava, and that you can hammer every single day on the bike and not get too sore. The only problem is that to get a real workout on the bike, you are riding for 2+ hours. I’m happy to be back running.

Your favorite shoe for training and racing

Adidas Boston for training, Nike next% for racing.

Ever run in a costume?


Do you work with a dietitian to enhance your performance?  If so, who?

No. My thinking on this topic is similar to training. Healthy eating is a pretty simple thing that people try to overcomplicate. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbs. There is definitely a place for dieticians for those looking to get that last 1% or who have special dietary needs, but I would be better served by drinking a few fewer beers and eating a few fewer slices of pizza each week than coming up with the perfect ingredient blend for my super smoothie.

What activities do you enjoy when not running?

Hiking with my wife and dog.

What challenges / races / adventures are you planning for the coming year?

Running Boston in the spring and maybe the California International Marathon next winter.

What is the greatest piece of advice you've ever received in the sport?

Take easy days easy.

                                              Pete and Emily in Maroon Bells, Aspen

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