Up to Speed – Race Highlights and Results of November 2022

Serafini wins title at Cardiac Classic in Schenectady with Emily Taft First Female

Serafini, 32, complete the 5-kilometer course in 15 minutes, 14 seconds, coming home 49 seconds ahead of former Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake star Otis Ubriaco, 29.

Emily Taft, 32, of Albany ran 17:59 to capture the women's title, finishing 15th overall.

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75th running of the Troy Turkey Trot draws nearly 6,000 runners and walkers

SUNY runners finish in top spots

Bill Douglas

Nov. 24, 2022Updated: Nov. 24, 2022 4:08 p.m.

Runner disqualified after collision at Troy Turkey Trot 10K finish line

Bill Douglas

Video of incident draws wide attention on social media

This incident resulted in the most media coverage the Troy Turkey Trot has ever had.

Runner Joel Frost Tift responded with a comment that encapsulates the bad and good in running:

It’s come to my attention that an unfortunate incident of unsportsmanlike conduct from the Troy Turkey Trot has gone viral nationally (and perhaps internationally since I’ve even seen it on French-speaking media) so much that it’s become the number 1 topic in multiple of the running groups I’m in. That was my hometown Turkey Trot, a race I remember fondly and one I did for several years starting when I was very young. I’m glad the offending runner got DQed and I feel bad for Jack Huber for what happened to him but I hope this isn’t what the race becomes known for so I feel compelled to re-tell my countervailing anecdote of extremely sportsmanlike conduct from the same race.

The year was 2010 and a few hundred yards from the finish line I lost a shoe. With the adrenaline rushing through me I pushed on, figuring that a short distance with a shoeless foot was no big deal. Stupidly, I forgot that that was the shoe my chip was attached to (nowadays chips are usually attached to the bib, but back then smaller chips were harder to come by). However, behind me a quick-thinking Dave Raucci, who I’d known for years, realized what happened, grabbed my shoe and held it in front of him as he crossed the finish line. As a result, although I lost some seconds on my time, my third place finish was restored and I was able to claim my spot on the podium and I think a little bit of prize money. No one would have expected Dave to do what he did, but he did it anyway and it will always stick out in my mind as emblematic of the kind of camaraderie that you sometimes see in distance running but not a lot of other sports.

Joel Frost Tift

Video-Troy Turkey Trot Take Down

74th Troy Turkey Trot
Event History Winners

November 24, 2022
59th Cohoes Turkey Trot
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Images: The 2022 Stockade-athon in Schenectady (30 photos)

By Stan Hudy | November 13, 2022

MVP Healthcare Stockade-athon 15k Awards
Overall Awards
Age graded (top 50)
Event History
Clydesdale / Athena
Photos (3,044 of them!)

Images: The 2022 Stockade-athon in Schenectady (30 photos)

By Stan Hudy | November 13, 2022

PHOTO: 21st annual Saratoga Turkey Trot presented by the Christopher Dailey Foundation

Runners take off at the start of the 21st annual Saratoga Turkey Trot, presented by the Christopher Dailey Foundation. More than 3,000 people participated in the fundraiser for the foundation, started in honor of Christopher Dailey, an active and spirited eight-year-old, third-grade student at Dorothy Nolan Elementary School and beloved son of Mark and Maria Dailey of Wilton. Following his sudden and tragic death on Nov. 23, 2001, the day after Thanksgiving, a foundation was established with the goal to build a lasting memory of Christopher. (Lauren Halligan — MediaNews Group)

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Images: Ellis Medicine’s Thanksgiving Cardiac Classic at Schenectady’s Central Park (23 photos)

By Erica Miller | November 24, 2022

41st Cardiac Classic 5K
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Former Niskayuna High Star wins 14th straight Ellis Cardiac Classic Race

Local road racer, Albany’s Chuck Terry embraces turning 40

By Mike Macadam

They give you grief about how old you are, and if you’re sensitive about your age, that somehow, it’s a reflection of diminishing vitality, you perhaps even dread the ones with the zeroes.

Here’s the tradeoff, though, if you’re a runner:

Suddenly you’re the youngster. You’re at the bottom of your age group, and most of the people you’re competing against are older than you. And when that calendar flips to 40, now you are a ‘master.’

Times Union Girls' Athlete of the Week: Emily Bush

James Allen

Nov. 9, 2022Updated: Nov. 9, 2022 8:03 p.m.

The No. 1 runner on the nation's No. 1 squad had an objective in mind Saturday at Queensbury High School and nothing was going to prevent the Saratoga Springs star from becoming the fourth member of her family to capture a Section II individual title.

Joe Sullivan

I was invited to speak about my experiences as a masters athlete by the incomparable Michael DiNicola on his podcast, 5RUN8. I hope you enjoy the syrupy sound of my velvet vocals... and the content as well (Nobody likes the sound of their own speaking voice, especially me). Also, check out the other episodes. We have some great talent in this area.


Ironman Joe Sullivan!

Listen to this episode from 5run8 podcast on Spotify. Joe Sullivan is a local master’s runner who recently competed in the Kona Ironman World Championships. He also ran 2:44:58 at the Boston Marathon earlier this year. Find out what has led to all of his endurance success in this Legends of the Fall...

Flags 4 Fallen honors American hockey coach at Stockade-athon

Click on picture for Great YouTube video



Eliud Kipchoge wants you to learn to say no

Saying no allows you to prioritize your goals and develop self-discipline, Kipchoge says

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