Jim Moore: Hall of Fame Inductee 2022

                                 Gerri, Jim and Coach Jim Boles

Below are questions Jim Moore kindly answered that will help you to know Jim better and what makes him run. They are followed by an incredible list of his accomplishments and ardent support of the HMRRC.

Tell us a little about yourself not necessarily related to running: age, where born, education, profession you are retired from, and area you live now?

I was born 83 years ago and grew up in Maryland near Elkton. After graduating from Elkton High School, l studied mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland and at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. I worked for General Electric as an engineer and engineering manager for 39 years in the steam turbine generator business, and then another 10 years part time with a small engineering company in Schenectady. In high school I was captain of the track team but participated mostly as a pole vaulter and only in a limited extent as a runner. In 1956 I won the pole vault competition at the Maryland High School State meet.

My wife Gerri and I have three grown children and live in Niskayuna.

When did you first start to run and why?

After high school I did not run or exercise for more than 20 years. We lived near Protland, Maine for a few years and I worked at a small GE plant. There were several co-workers who ran, jogged rather, every day during the lunch hour. Several kept urging me to join them and I resisted for about a year, and then one day decided to join them. The first day I ran with them for the first mile then turned around and ran/walked back. In a couple of days, I was keeping up and wanting to go farther and faster. I found that I really enjoyed running and began to run additional miles either before or after work.

What is your favorite distance to run?

In the early days of my running, I preferred the longer race when there was a choice.

It was common to have both a 5k and a 10k and I always chose the 10k. There were very few 5ks alone. There are many more 5k races these days and fewer 10ks but when both are offered, I choose the 10k.

What race are you most proud of?

I think that the race that represents my best performance was the 1983 Price Chopperthon 30k that I ran in less than 2 hours. 

You mentioned “Ran three sub-3-hour marathons in one year (New York City, Boston, Mohawk Hudson River). What year was that?

Actually, that was a in a 12-month period and not a calendar year.

NY City Marathon, 10/23/1983; Boston Marathon, 4/16/1984; Mohawk Hudson River Marathon, 10/14/1984.

What is the biggest change you have had to make to your training as you have aged?

Less frequent runs and lower mileage are necessary to avoid excessive fatigue and prevent injury.

When you responded to the summary below, you had run 1073 road races post age 40 (to date). What is the tally now?

1083. The first was a Turkey Trot race in 1979 and the most recent was the Thanksgiving Cardiac Classic in 2022.

What is your goal in running now?

Keep running as long as I avoid injury and retain the motivation.

Looking back at your career, what advice do you have Pace Setter readers?

If you enjoy running, go for it.

Jim Moore’s Astonishing Accomplishments

Active member since 1982


33 marathons, includes Mohawk Hudson River Marathon 10 times.
Ran three sub-3-hour marathons in one year (New York City, Boston, Mohawk Hudson River)
One 50-mile ultra
Have run 1073 road races post age 40 (to date)
HMRRC Grand Prix age group winner 2000, 2011, and 2016.

Won four Grand Prix age group championships in year 2000:

  • Fulmont Roadrunners Club GP
  • Adirondack Runners Long Course GP
  • Adirondack Runners Short Course GP

Adirondack Distance Run year-of-age winner 23 times in 26 runnings

Personal Best Performances (all post age 40, all times actual gun times)

  • 3.5 mile: 20:50 - Manufacturer’s Hanover Challenge 7/83 (age 43)
  • 10K: 37:01 – Troy Turkey Trot 11/83 (age 44)
  • 15K: 57:06 – Stockade-athon 11/83 (age 44)
  • Half Marathon: 82:57 - HMRRC Hangover Half 1/83 (age 43)
  • 30K: 1:58:09 - Chopperthon 3/83 (age 43)
  • Marathon: 2:58:09 – New York City Marathon 10/83 (age 44)
  • 50 miles: 7:45:38 – Maine Rowdy Ultra 11/81 (age 41)
Jim receiving HMRRC Distinguished Service
Award in 2014

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