2021 HMRRC Virtual Winter Series

by Bill Meehan and Ed Hampston

Free to everyone! HMRRC member or non-member

In case you haven’t heard, HMRRC is having its Winter Series Races this winter, at least virtually. You can run any or all of the distances from 5K, 10K, 15K, 10M, 13.1M, 20K, 25K, 30K or Marathon. The course can be any "fair" course (less than 100 feet elevation drop). In addition to the running distances, you can also submit under the 5K Snowshoe Event or the 15K Cross Country Skiing category. Give them all a try and you are a true Winter Series Survivor.

You may run a distance as many times as you want and report your best time. If you submit your result, but then run a faster time, you can resubmit. How great is that!

Just do it by February 28!

To see more information, click here where you can register and submit your results. The Leaderboard will be adjusted every few days on the HMRRC website as results are received.

We would love to see pictures of you running your race. So, take a selfie or have a friend or family member take a photo of you with their phone. If you run your race with a group, take a group photo.

Click here to submit your photos for the HMRRC Photos website and to be in the March Pace Setter issue along with results from the leaderboard.

Find a friend and get out there. Enjoy your race/races and stay warm and remember to take a picture/selfie to send us for March Pace Setter issue!!!

        Click above to register

Happy Virtual Running!

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