Halloween is for Runners

by Christine Bishop

With the pandemic still holding us in its thrall, running costumes for trick or treating or racing, are not number one in our minds, but if the Hairy Gorilla occurs, get the costumes out!

Each year, Guinness World Records collaborates with marathon events all over the world in sponsoring prizes for the best marathon time while wearing a costume. The categories are mind boggling including prizes for the fastest marathon dressed as a crustacean or a knight in armor. The prizes are awarded at iconic marathon venues such as London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Toronto, Calgary, and Sydney.

List of Guinness Book of World Records Categories for running in a costume.

To find out how to apply and more, click here.

I Ran a Marathon as a Hot Dog–and Set a World Record

Tips for Running in a Costume

  • Try it at least once before you race in it.
  • If the costume has a mask, make sure the mouth hole is adequate for heavy breathing when running and roomy enough to drink water. Also, make sure that the eye holes on the mask move when you do or else the mask will cover your eyes when you rotate your head.
  • You probably will sweat more than usual because the costume is holding the heat. This can cause your skin to chafe. If necessary, add ventilation holes.
  • Make sure you can get the costume off easily in case of an emergency porta potty stop.
  • Remember that although you want to set a record and impress the audience your costume must be somewhat practical. 

Some people like running in a costume because it gives them anonymity making them feel empowered.

Others love running in costumes because it is a hoot

Others to celebrate super powers

Others with no hydration worries

Others for a Flintstone thrill

Others for the Forrest Gump look

Others for the Hairy Gorilla Viking look

Others to take their cat for a run

And others for the scare of it all.

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