by Mary Claire Walker
What an amazing family! Last month Mary ran the Yeti 100 Miler in less than 24 hours and this month her mother, two days before her 62nd birthday, ran the Mid-State Massive Ultra Miler and came in 1st in her age group. Mary joined her mom at mile 50 and while running the next 50 miles, chatted with other runners while pursuing their 100-mile goal. For full article, click here

by Kristen Garzone
With all scheduled races being canceled as the pandemic progressed, Kristen, like so many, began to lose her way. She desperately needed motivation and happily she stumbled on it when she realized she needed a meaningful goal and doing an ultra-marathon was it. She enlisted her friend Stephanie in her pursuit and all fell in place. For full article, click here

by Our Runners
The following survey question was sent to HMRRC members: How have you managed to remain motivated to run during the pandemic? With over 45 replies, the methods runners used to remain afloat and motivated run the gamut from utter success to not so good. Their responses may help you to cope with the problems the pandemic has spurred. For full article, click here

by Christine Bishop
Anny Stockman has achieved the almost impossible. She has won three USATF national titles for her age group. Read about her and how she did it. Surprisingly, she didn't even start to run until she was 48 years old. Since then, she has been a meteor in the running scene. For full article, click here

by Theresa DeLorenzo, RD
Theresa was used to training for demanding races and then suddenly everything stopped. Races were being canceled everywhere. Her orderly world was suddenly undermined. Find out how she persevered and solved her problem while helping others. For full article, click here

by Benita Zahn
Benita feels that in these tumultuous times it is the opportune moment to vent on why people insist on calling running jogging. She showers us with a host of reasons to support one of her main gripes. She also recommends a great event for you to run and ruffle your feathers in: the 2020 Virtual Troy Turkey Trot. For full article, click here

by Josh Merlis
Who better to write about these races than their creator, Josh Merlis? He mentions the difficulties in putting together any race in a pandemic and then goes on to detail the planning and execution of these two races that always delight participants and readers alike with the dedication of its runners wearing wacky costumes that are echoed by the macabre decorations including tombstones for each runner. For full article, click here

by Laura Clark
Laura talks about her experience running the Hairy Gorilla. "With temperatures in the low twenties and two inches of snow on the ground, Thacher Park resembled Jack Skellington’s Halloween Town in Tim Burton’s film, The Nightmare Before Christmas." Even more eerie was the total lack of wind at Thacher Park! For full article, click here

by Josh Merlis
Josh pays homage to his wife's skill and determination that have driven her to break records and to seek more. "On Sunday, September 20, 2020, Michelle Merlis completed the Devil’s Path trail in the Catskill Mountains in 5:29:34. It was the fastest known time (FKT) ever run by a woman for that trail, and nearly 45 minutes faster than she believed she was capable of until an unexpected email on Labor Day changed everything." For full article, click here

by Tim Wiles
"This is my story of recurring injuries and my journey to keep running. I hope it inspires other injured runners." Tim started running in his early 30s and had success for many years until in his 40s, when he injured himself preparing for the Boilermaker. His path toward healthy running has had its setbacks, but he will share with you his story of recovery. For full article, click here

Want to make history?! Run the Virtual Stockade-athon 15K or 5k from now until December and guess what … it is FREE to members and non-members alike. All you have to do is sign up and send a picture of yourself and post your results. The leaderboard will change as results pile in and you can even do another run to better your chances of winning. Need motivation? This is it. For full article, click here

by Thomas O'Grady
As runners we all know dealing with traffic can be dangerous and that we must always be on the alert. You probably have traffic nightmare stories that you could share. Mayor Kathy Sheehan and others are trying to ameliorate the problem and an initiative to spend $110 Million on Pedestrian Safety is in the works and she is asking for your input to help make Albany a safer place to walk and run. For full article, click here

by Russ Ebbets
"You’d have to be a track nut to know who Jack Pyrah was. He was the glue that held the Villanova running machine together during the 60s, 70s and 80s." Russ went to Villanova to run and reminisces about the influence Coach Pyrah had on his life and others. For full article, click here

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
“I used to be skinny when I was a runner in college. Look at me now. My BMI says I am ‘obese.’ I’ve always been able to manage my weight by eating a little less and exercising a little more. Since I turned 50, that’s not working for me anymore.” Nancy deals with why this happens even to runners as we age and what to do about it. For full article, click here

by Anouk Booneman
Thanksgiving is always a special time and Anouk showers us with recipes that are unique and guaranteed to get praise. She receives fresh winter boxes of locally grown vegetables from a farm she recommends that make the recipes more tasty and healthful. For full article, click here

by Sally Drake and Mark Mindel
This month Sally has the distinction of reviewing all the fiction books that were nominated for the 71st Annual Book Awards in Fiction. They all would make great inter-library loans for you to get to read after running for relaxation and mental stimulation. Mark suggests two books for you that he has awarded the prestigious 5-star rank honor. For full article, click here

by Thomas O’Grady
Our democracy just experienced an event that defines what we are as Americans. We exercised our right to vote, but many of us were afraid our votes might not be tabulated. Many did not want to go to vote in public for fear of the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, our electoral system was being tested by a president who advocated not counting mail-in ballots. In times like these, one wonders what the best way to cope is. Well, Tom gives you an answer that as a runner or one who exercises, you will like to hear. For full article, click here

by Ed Hampston
As everyone continues to deal with COVID impacts on their life and activities, HMRRC wanted to give you an update regarding our race planning for 2021 and the rest of 2020. For full article, click here

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