Throwback Photos

compiled by Chris Bishop

Benita Zahn

Dick Vincent

                                              Now and then – always a rebel!

Photo on left: 1974 Savathon, a half marathon that I organized and was sponsored by a local bank. There is some thought it was the first half marathon in country.

Center Photo: Mid 70s, 10th place at Plattsburgh Marathon from Royses point to Plattsburgh

Photo on right: Holyoke Marathon, late 70s, 3:03, 3rd marathon in 8 days

Photo on left: I ran 3:03 in Plattsburgh on a Saturday, 3:35 the next day in Yonkers, and 3:03 at Holyoke the following Saturday

Center Photo: Start of Otis Elevator 1 mile run, late 70s. 1 mile up old Elevated Railway bed on gnarly trail. Elevation gain 1600 feet

Photo on right: Finish Pikes Peak Marathon in 1978 or 79 (I ran 6 of them so not sure)

Photo on left: 3 miles to go Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim, 1982. Last year of the officially organized race

Center Photo: This is the photo of Jack Nabozny and me tying for 1st at the 8 mile run from Hudson to Philmont. They had an antique fire truck as pace vehicle. It began to backfire and sputter going up the final hill of the finish, so Jack and I passed it

Photo on Right: Maryland Marathon 1981. Finished 2 hr 54 min. I blew up and ducked into a grocery store at 24 miles and bought a candy bar and orange soda

Photo on left: Boston Marathon 1978. As you can see the crowd was not restrained back then and formed a human chute 2-3 meters wide.

Center Photo and Photo on Right: Western States 100, ran it in 1986 and in 1987 came in 23rd place (115 degrees), 21 hrs. 46 min.

Guess Who? Come back next month to find out!

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