2019-2020 Winter Series Survivors

The people listed below participated in all five HMRRC Winter Series races and volunteered for one of them thus receiving the Winter Series Survivor Award at the last event.  We are extremely grateful to them for helping to make the Winter Series the great event it is.

Marcia Adams
Tom Adams
Marey Bailey
George Baranauskas
Bill Bean
Tom Bennett
Kathy Botting
Trudy Boulia
Donna Choiniere
Emily Chromczak
Dave Cole
Ann Cunningham
Karen Cutler
Linda DeDominicis

Art Dott
Karen Dott
Dana M. Endres
Coraline Falco
Josh Farrell
Grace Farrell
Amy Fehringer

Dee Fisher-Golden
Carolyn B. George
Karen Gerstenberger
Jonathan Golden
Melissa Grandjean
Denis Hurley
Lindsey Klinge
Jenny Lee
Mike Lee
Ray Lee
Jayne Maloney
Margaret Mann
Bill Moreland
David Newman
Mike O’Toole
Martin Patrick
Pilar Arthur-Snead
Charles Snead
Diane Thompson
Joanna Tremper
Michael Wright
Joe Yavonditte
Katie Yezzi

                                     The WS Survivor Award: an HMRRC Running Belt

Sign up for this next year and you can win a great prize for helping the club.

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