Holiday Gifts for Runners

by Runners

Kelly Virkler
You can't go wrong with some bright blinking lights. Small, rechargeable ones that can be clipped to pretty much anything you are wearing. This time of year, most people run in the dark at some point, so everyone needs illumination!

Chris Bishop
Any gift from the ARE store.  You could get great running apparel while supporting one of the best organizations in the Albany area that has been deeply hurt by the pandemic.

Christine Myers
A heated running jacket!  My boyfriend got me one and it's become my third child after my two cats.

Jon Lindenauer
Reflective gear, cleats that attach to running shoes to for running in shoe and ice, temperature rated gloves and hats - things that would be especially good for the winter months so they can get a lot of immediate use out of them.

Sally Drake
Hot Yoga Spot t-shirt that would also help a pandemic stricken business. Or gift cards for the studio and virtual classes. All runners could you use some yoga in their lives!

Mark Mindel
Maybe some headlamps for night running.  What I really like is the NIGHTRUNNER270 which you wear on your running shoes and it lights the path up for you. They also blink if you want others to see you better. Fleet Feet sells them!

Brad Lewis
A massage gift certificate is always nice. Most runners have the watches and gear. Noxgear and a new Garmin watch are also great.

Sarah Wood Piper
Gift card to Fleet Feet (shop local)!! As a stocking stuffer: running socks and food: the newest granola recipe and the latest and greatest in protein and energy bars! A Reese’s peanut butter Christmas tree wouldn’t hurt either .

Gideon Oyibo Smith
Running shoes. Especially carbon plated. The endorphin line is usually perfect for almost all runners.

Cheryl Reaulo Hutchinson
Hmmm...a Nox gear vest, Fleet Feet gift card, a massage gift card.  Just a few ideas

Jennifer Rainka Casey
I think a good pair of quality Running socks is a great in expensive gift ... Also gift cards to local running stores... iRunlocal or Fleet Feet. An Apple Watch or Garmin for a more expensive option.

Stephen Hallgren
Three things I absolutely love: Ciele hats (for the hat lover),  the Janji Groundwork Flyby Tight for chilly weather, and the AFO Middle Short for warmer weather or racing.

Anthony Giuliano
This year with the pandemic and the effect it has had on people being able to go to the gym I would suggest anything you can use at home for strength training like resistance bands, dumbbells, kettle bells, or a weight bench.

Mary Claire Walker
There are so many things! Right now, I’m thinking warmth. I good pair of warm gloves or socks can go a long way or nice vest. Alternatively, with the days being shorter a headlamp or some sort of light can be really useful too!

Anne McGuirk Harley
Running socks. They’re affordable so a good gift from the kids, and you can never have too many.

Connie Smith
Under Armour masks are apparently the best fabric and fit to run while masked up for running
Smartwool socks (a simple gift but costly, so any runner would love to open up a pair or two)

Benita Zahn
A reflective vest.

Brina May
I would have to say a Fitbit because it tracks calories you burn during the day, how many times you exercise a week, how much you sleep and the quality of sleep as well as how much you meditate a week if you download the Fitbit app on your phone. Also, it has good workouts to do as supplements to running. All of these things can help runners realize what they are doing well on as well as what they can improve on.

Nathan Laing
Socks of course!

Bill Bean
A wooden clothes drying rack. Every runner should have one.

Springer Deb
Well meal prep and healthy eating kits are nice.

Barbara Bradley
A pair of AfterShokz headphones or a gift card to your favorite running store, like Fleet Feet!

Ginny Pezzula
If they run early in the morning “Light up running gear!”

Michelle Davis
Shoes Gift card, Love Brooks Ravenna;  Massaging gun

Shaun Donegan
Good, warm reflective running gloves! You can never have enough pairs

Liz Chauhan
Nice socks, reflective gear (clip on lights or a vest), hand warmers, mittens that can fold back so that you can cool your hands off or access your music/phone if you run with one. More expensive: wireless headphones, reflective jacket, electric massager (Theragun or something like that.)

Kristen Garzone
A Run Ink marathoner map for a race done!

Lauren Carnahan
Gift certificate to favorite running store, running socks, and race entries!

John Slyer
Good earbuds
Entry into a race if they happen

Jenna Robinson
Energy chews/GU and new running socks (Balega...etc)

Danielle Maslowsky
Top 3. Running Coach, Massage, Warm Tights.

Rick Munson
A gift certificate to Fleet Feet

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