Virtual Runnin' of the Green with Grand Prix Ranking

by Brian Northan, Runnin' of the Green Race Director

Races with a group are on hold. Until COVID-19 is not a threat, social distancing is the rule. So, keeping with the law, HMRRC is presenting the Runnin’ of the Green in a virtual form, where you can race by yourself the four miles and submit proof via Strava or another app that you have done so. The awesome feature of this race is that the results will be incorporated into the HMRRC Grand Prix standings. The rules are below..

Remember: You must run this by yourself!!!!!

Click here to Register for Virtual Runnin' of the Green

Virtual Runnin' of the Green is a virtual solo running event. It is meant to give runners a challenge and a way to compete against each other during this difficult time. Results will be part of the 2020 HMRRC Grand Prix. Please keep in mind that as of March 31st, NY State is still allowing solo outdoor activities, but please pay attention to updates. If the situation changes, we will adjust accordingly.

To register for virtual Runnin' of the Green simply go through the Wild Apricot registration form, there is one difference from a regular race. You need to run first, then register, and report your time as part of the registration process (that way your time will uploaded to our server and we can compile the results).

Virtual Runnin' of the Green is free, and open to any runner. Only HMRRC members will be scored for the Grand Prix (as is the usual case with any of our races)

1. Runners must run a solo time trial of 4 miles. We do not want to encourage even small groups to congregate. 

2. The route can be any 4 mile course that is near your home and can be run while keeping away from others. Do not travel far from home, or run at a time or location that is busy and puts you near other people.

3. In the spirit of fairness the route should be a loop or at the very least not have significant elevation loss.

4. Currently the Virtual Runnin' of the Green should be done between Arpil 2nd and April 25th. However if public health guidelines, change, such that outside exercise is not recommended, the Virtual Runnin' of the Green will be stopped. In that case we will monitor conditions and restart it again at a later date when conditions warrant.

5. Results will be compiled and scored as part of the HMRRC Grand Prix. We realize since people will be running different courses, at different times, in different weather it is impossible to make it completely fair. However, these are unique times and we are doing our best to offer our runners a challenge and a way to compete against each other.

If you should have any questions, please click here to email for help.

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