October Pace Setter Survey Question

by Kristen Hislop

                             Kristen with son Jack

This month’s survey question was submitted by Kristen Hislop.  If you have an idea for a survey question, click here.  If we use your suggestion, you will get credit.

October Question

What is the biggest draw for you to choose a race?

1. Team categories 2. Awards  3. Cool giveaway  4. Beer  5. Fun location/experience   6. Other activities around the run   7. Supporting a charity.

The overwhelming choice was #5.  Only the choices where people added comments are being listed.

   Dennis with friends Jon Golden and Dee Fisher Golden

Dennis Beardsley

Location and course with my friends doing the race.  My favorite locations are for a full Lake Placid.  Smaller races Lake George, Tupper Lake, Crystal Lake.  They say the Patriot in Massachusetts is fun.  I have zero interest in an ocean race. Especially Maine or Massachusetts.

Steve Sweeney

Fun location and experience.  My best experience was Miwok 100K in Marin Headlands, run through redwoods, look down at the top of the Golden State Bridge and San Francisco and Bay, run along the ocean both top of cliffs and on the beach.

Connie Smith

Fun and picturesque location/experience is important .. course difficulty as well. My favorites are Schroon Lake (ADK Distance Fest), Saratoga Spa Park trail races (Fall Back 5, for ex), Rush Pond Trail (Strides for Sarcoma)

Stephanie Wilkinson

Honestly this one depends on whether or not I’m racing or running for fun. Huge difference. If I’m racing, none of the above. I choose based on the course and timing of the race and how it sets me up to achieve my goal. If it’s for fun, probably “5. Fun location/experience.” If friends are doing it, that’s a big draw for a fun race.

Lauren Carnahan

I loved Big Sur for the beauty. I also love the Boilermaker because of the crowd.

Jon Lindenauer

5. Fun location / experience + course/distance. 4. Beer (and other drinks; after-party, event after race). Awards/prizes are typically only an afterthought for me.  The only time I care about prize money is if I want to do a race that I know will be very competitive.

Jona Favreau

I'd have to go with 5. Fun location / experience. Everyone can hand out a t-shirt and free beer.  I'd rather run in a unique location! My favorite run is Shawangunk Ridge Trail (SRT).  The views are ever changing, as does the forest, cliffs, a waterfall... and bears, oh my!

Scott Mindel

The awards

Brian Northan (shown above with his wife Jessica)

Originally I chose races that team utopia was going to do as I really enjoyed going as a team, and I leaned a lot about the area, travelling to all the races with TU in the mid 2000s... since Team Utopia is no longer around, I don't really have any desires to do new races, there is nobody to go with... but I occasionally do some of the old races like Turkey Trot, or the Voorhesville 7 miler, or some of the other HMRRC ones for nostalgias sake.

Michelle Merlis

As for the survey question... Probably option 5 — fun location/experience... but I’d also say the competition.

Tom O’Grady

I chose races based on course layout, competition, location, and experience.

Bill Bean

1. Flat and fast 10K 2. Less than an hour’s drive form home 3. Pie, beer, or donuts served after

4. Hot dogs  5. Beer  6. Hotdogs and beer!

Brad Lewis

1. Then 2 (prize money) and of course knowing there will be competition.

Kate Botting

Fun location / experience.  Also, getting a finishers medal because placing is rare to never.

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