Boston 2020

The notes have gone out from the Boston Athletic Association letting lucky, talented runners know that they have been accepted into one the of world’s most prestigious races: the Boston Marathon.

If you have been accepted and your name is not on this list, click here and it will be added immediately. 


Good luck to all those running and enjoy turning left on Boylston!


Diana Tobon-Knobloch  

Oswaldo Rodriquez 

Larissa Bates

Joe Sullivan

Kristen Hislop

Melissa Grandjean

Meg and Jon Louden

Lauren Carnahan

Ben Heller

Bill Hoffman

Dennis Beardsley

Dave Troischt

Marna Meltzer McMorris

Alex Perry

Tom Denham

Jona Lee Favreau

Karen Dolge

Samantha Legere

Stephanie Pitts

Laura Milak

Alan Finder

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