Stockade-athon 2019 Photoessay

Photos by Charles and Christine Bishop

The 44th Stockade-athon is over and it was a glorious race. The weather was supposed to be frigid and overcast but fortunately it was sunny as was the attitude of the people running and watching the race. To follow is a photoessay that will portray the electricity and excitement that characterized this great race. The December issue will go into a deeper exploration of the race.  You have something to look forward to but in the meantime enjoy the photos!!

                                         Organizers Brian Northan and Jon Rocco

                            Jessica Northan, another organizer

                                                    Notice Marcia Adams' earrings!

                Notice Bill Hoffman's running shoes.
   No Nike Vaporfly 4% Fly Knit running shoes here!!

                              Newlyweds Kristen and Dallas DeVries

                      Jennifer Lawrence, a great Pace Setter contributor

                                                     Go Team Vegan!

       Katina Greene with her son Tyler, who came in 47th overall in 57:33!

                                                               The women start!

                                                          Sean O'Connor  - Number 1!

                                                                  John Busque, #2

                                                                Dan Lennon, #3

                                                                  Jacob Andrews, #4

                                                               Ryan Udvadia, #5

                                                               Cara Sherman, #1

                                     Christine Myers, #2 (Her first Stockade-athon!)

                             Karen Bertasso Hughes, #3 and literally floating on air!

                                                                  Dana Bush, #4.
           She was #3 woman in the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon in October in 2:53:16

                                                           Danielle Winslow, #5

Remember to come back to The Pace Setter in December to read an in-depth article about Stockade-athon 2019 that will be lavishly illustrated.

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