CDPHP WTC T-Shirt Contest Teams – Part 1: Aspira to Northern Rivers

Each year the grandstand at the CDPHP WTC is lined with t-shirts of those who participate in the Team T-shirt Contest for all to admire.  To follow are pictures of the teams who entered sometimes with a write up about what motivated them and  the wellness activities they have pursued before and after the race to get ready for next year.


Aspira promotes outdoors activities throughout America.  It is only natural that we would take part in an event that facilitates wellness and the love of the outdoors in our employees.


At Beech-Nut we emphasize employee wellness, and the Workforce Challenge is a great community event to showcase our purpose of championing real food for a healthier world.

Bimbo Bakeries USA

We are not really a group of serious runners, but everyone looks forward to the event each year and we all feel better afterwards.

Bryant & Stratton College

Our Corporate Challenge Team is excited to expand this year from a team of three to a team of seven!  Coincidentally, this is at the same time as the college’s inaugural year of a sports program with the baseball team coming in second in the Small College World Series!  Go Bobcats!

Capital Region BOCES

Capital Region BOCES (Team BOCES/NERIC) has been taking part in the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge for about five years now . The organization has over 1,000 employees spread out across the state. An event like this allows staff who don’t work at the same location to do something together.

"It's really nice to get staff from across the organization together outside of work to get to know each other better," said Team Captain Mike Riggi. "We had a great time as we always do!”

Each year we put together a small committee to design the team t-shirts. This is almost as much fun as the races themselves, as we always try and top what we came up with the prior year!

Learn more about Capital Region BOCES and its technical division, the Northeastern Regional Information Center.

CDPHP - Race sponsor with their enormous team!

CDPHP is proud to support the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge to encourage organizations to engage in some fun, friendly, and heart-healthy competition – all while raising money for local charities. Team CDPHP represented with 277 participants in this year’s race. Fastest male went to Sean Hannon with a time of 25:22. Fastest female went to Keri McComb with a time of 26:20. Once again, a fantastic time was had by all!

Creative Communication Associates (CCA)

At CCA, we are a small group (30% of our office participated in the event, including momma-to-be) with relatively healthy eating habits, although we do have occasional cravings for pizza and chocolate chip cookies. We all have our personal fitness regimes, including running, walking, biking, organized groups such as Orange Theory and Metabolic, and physical work such as throwing hay bales around, we all support and encourage one another to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. 

Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS)

This was our 5th consecutive year participating in the Workforce Challenge, which is a natural outgrowth of our organization, which carries out research to support and promote a healthy workforce.


Yes, the back of our shirts say it all…”We may log off but we never shut down, or stop running ( in the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge)!”  This will be the 21st consecutive year that a CommSoft employee has run in this event, and every year these veterans look forward to it.  With or without a finishing goal in mind, it’s this yearly event that we know will keep us active and feeling young again.  When I first joined CommSoft in 1998, I was ecstatic when they asked me to be a part of the Corporate Challenge (which is what it was called back then).  It was always fun when we would use our lunch time to go outside for training runs.  As a new kid on the block, and a marathon runner, I kept thinking to myself while training with everyone—"Dang, this group is pretty good & speedy!”  Immediately I enjoyed the people I worked with, as well as the company I just joined!  And it wasn’t long before we won ourselves a few nice plaques placing in this race (which added even more icing on the cake).  Ever since our first race in 1998 this group of co-workers and I have never looked back. Yes, we’ve upgraded our T-shirts from iron-on’s to screen prints, and yes, we have all gotten wiser with age…... but it’s this yearly event that continues to keep us young at heart!  Thank you to CDPHP for keeping us moving!  And thank you CommSoft for making it such a great place to work and play!

Community Care Physicians (CCP)

At CCP, we are always thinking about Wellness due to our industry. A couple of things we do are: have healthier options in our vending machines and have corporate step challenges throughout the year that employees can participate in to earn prizes. People earn points for steps, food logging, and other special activities for that specific challenge. We are currently completing a “Make Your Way to 5k” Challenge to prepare for the CDPHP WTC, and as a company we have walked/run over 45,000 miles!

East Greenbush Central School District

Equal Vision Records

We had 36 people from our company in total participating in the Workforce Team Challenge this year.  Equal Vision Records uses this event for team building.  It gets the employees out of the building and gives them a chance to see each other in a different setting.  I know some groups make a whole night of it so it is really fun for us.  The owner, Steve Reddy, who is participating, is a big fitness guy.  He has done a couple Iron Mans both full and half.    He is somebody who cares about his employees and their wellness.  We have a gym at our location so this way if people want to take care of themselves they can.  


We help businesses connect with interested individuals at the companies they want to reach. Founded in 2009, we have grown from a handful of family members in our founder’s garage to today’s thriving team. We place a strong emphasis on wellness and love this event.


IEEE GlobalSpec Media Solutions

Key Capture Energy

Latham Pools

Ryan Udvadia was a track star at UAlbany before he came to work here at Latham Pool Products as a finance intern and was the first place winner of the 2019 CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge.  He also won the Firecracker 4 Miler last year in Saratoga. We are proud of him.

We had an internal contest here for the t-shirt design and James Gutta came up with “you can’t spell llama photos without Latham Pools”.  Tracie Fowler created the picture of the llama in a kiddie pool with a camera around its neck.  James and Tracie both participated in the event as well.  The shirt is fantastic and I’m not sure why we didn’t win! 

We offer our employees about 5-6 races per year they can sign up for and participate.  Races we have been participating in are the Workforce Challenge, Firecracker 4 Miler, Silks and Satins 5k,  Malta 5k and the Troy Turkey Trot.  A lot of people here count their steps and have step competitions through Virgin Pulse. All of this is  part of our company’s  promotion of healthy habits to its employees.


LeadingAge NY has a wellness program that incorporates  wellness education re: nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and other related topics.  Our fitness challenges motivate staff to workout, earn prizes, and the program creates excitement, fun and collaboration among our employees. We focus not only on physical fitness but mental health as well. We have monthly fitness challenges to motivate staff, and each year we prep and train for the CDPHP Workforce Challenge.

Northern Rivers

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