Runners' Diets

by HMRRC Members

As runners, food is important as this is what powers performance.  Diets abound and advice is everywhere on what to eat to be healthy and in some cases ethical.  The bestseller lists are full of new diet books with seemingly contradictory recommends.  So what is a runner to do?  Below you can read how various club members have tackled this issue. 

Karen Bertasso

No day starts without caffeine and then my regular staples which include carbs (oats, bread), peanut butter, a banana, nuts/seeds and chocolate (usually dark). Most of my dinners consist of some sort of seafood and leafy greens. I’m always eating.

Anthony Giuliano

I usually eat cereal or a bagel for breakfast each morning, hot tea, and orange juice. I have some fruit at work around 10:30. I bring my lunch every day which is usually a turkey sandwich, a few chips, a green pepper, and a Arizona Iced Tea. For Dinner it’s some type of meat, a vegetable, and either rice, potatoes, or bread. Usually pasta once a week, either the night before a race or 2 nights before. And now for me to shock the world: I eat dessert just about every night. Ice cream, cookies, or brownies usually. I rarely drink alcohol, my theory is that you’re better off eating a dessert than having a drink every night. And I enjoy dessert more than alcohol. Seems to have worked well for 40 years but I’m sure I could improve some things.

Stephanie is on far left and Kristen is 2nd from right

Stephanie Wilkinson

Truthfully my diet is something I really need to work on! I don’t follow a specific plan or diet and kind of just eat what I want, when I want. I have a huge weakness for pizza and sweets and in the past, I’ve used my mileage to justify those being regular staples of my diet. But with recently feeling kind of “blah” and attributing a fair amount of that to my diet, I plan on really dialing in my nutrition for my summer training cycle and I’m excited to see how it can benefit/supplement training!

Kristen Garzone

I never really paid attention to my diet until recent cycles.  What I’ve learned is your diet should be about what’s right for you and your body: n one else’s.  I try to fuel myself properly during the weeks while still enjoying those post long run beers and burgers.

Frank Broderick

Pescatarian (vegetarian plus fish). Also, only eat breakfast and dinner (no lunch).

Connie is on the far left

Connie Smith

Pescatarian. Protein comes from fish, nuts, seeds, nut butters, eggs, super grains like quinoa. The goal is always to eat more vegetables than anything else. With my busy life, I have salads delivered to my door each week from a local farm. Can’t resist the snacking so try to contain the damage by sticking to cut fruit, crackers, frozen yogurt with popping bobas, bubble tea, and popcorn. When I indulge, it’ll be with a bag of Cheez-Its, dark chocolate and the occasional vodka or gin and tonic.

Caitlyn Edmundson

Pescatarian, but I eat organic, grass-fed, humanely raised meat very occasionally

Lisa D.

I have been eating a vegan diet for 6+ years. Prior to eating vegan, I was a vegetarian and pescatarian (I ate fish) for about 10 years.

Jessica Bashaw

My diet is mostly whole/plant-based foods...with a heavy sprinkle of candy.

Sarah Banta Dzikowicz

Plant based FYI ... Definition from Wikipedia: A plant-based diet is a diet consisting mostly or entirely of foods derived from plants, including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits, and with few or no animal products.

Alex Perry

Whole Foods plant based vegan. Lots of fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Sara is on the left, Karen Bertasso, Jessica Bashaw right

Sara Buckley

In one word it would be balanced. Vegetables are actually my favorite food so carrots and hummus are my go-to snack. I tend to eat mostly healthy foods with the exception of ice cream (which I usually have every night)

Tom O’Grady

I have a pretty plain diet. I generally eat fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods. I don’t really put hard restrictions on my diet but I also don’t really enjoy eating a lot of processed food. It doesn’t make me feel or perform well. I usually graze on smaller meals throughout the day rather than having several large meals.

David Shumpert

Intermittent Fasting (No food between 7PM and Noon). Also no sugar, low carb, lots of fruits and vegetables.

Bill Bean

I don’t stress over diet too much. I eat just about everything, but these days choose “cleaner” foods as much as possible. I just keep within a daily calorie range, and try to balance the quality and quantity. I struggle to drink enough water throughout the day.

I don’t stress over diet too much. I eat just about everything, but these days choose “cleaner” foods as much as possible. I just keep within a daily calorie range, and try to balance the quality and quantity. I struggle to drink enough water throughout the day.

Ben is 2nd from left

Ben Heller

Nothing special. I do try to eat a lot of salads and green leafy vegetables like broccoli kale and spinach.

Michael DiNicola

Breakfast: Wheaties with almond milk, OJ, Starbucks coffee. Mid morning snack: Greek yogurt with protein granola. Lunch: soup or grilled chicken salad. Dinner: any thing my wife makes. Dessert: dark chocolate with 72% cacao. Oh and I snack on Nature Valley granola bars all day.

Marna Meltzer McMorris

It depends on my mileage. The base is always protein, fats, fruits and vegetables and minimally processed carbs. The proportions and calories vary according to my training schedule.

David Glass

Mediterranean, with occasional beer/ale.

Barbara Bradley

I’m celiac (gluten free). A bagel and tea for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, fish and fresh veggies and rice for dinner; granola bars and fruit for snacks; dessert occasionally; water and a daily glass of wine.

Dee Fisher-Golden

Keto! (extremely low carb). Since becoming fat-adapted, my workouts and races have never been better! (And the weight loss was an added perk!)

John Enhtholt

High carbs. Some protein. Try to stay away from bad fats and useless bad calories

Joe Hein

Vegetarian, low carb, high fat

Eric Young

Usually on race day I would eat yogurt, banana and toast with peanut butter

Tom Fitzpatrick

Veggies, and meats are wrapped with romaine in trade for bread or grains. Dairy is yogurt or sharp cheese and drinks are water juice or wine.

Darryl Bray

I try to eat healthy natural foods, and I try eat in moderation. I find doing this I feel more like being active, and I feel better while being active.

Janne Rand

Diet: needs work. I try to eat raw broccoli and spinach every day but I definitely have a weakness for pizza and black bean and cheese burritos and I never cook. I can’t stay away from brownies, cookies, and ice cream but since I never actually grocery shop, that keeps me from eating too many of those.

Kenneth Plowman

Generally whole foods. Meats, veggies, rice, quinoa, with a generous dose of beer, cookies and pizza.

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