Two New Books by Pace Setter Columnists

Two of our contributors have written books that would make great holiday gifts. These gifts are foolproof. It doesn’t matter If you procrastinate since you can get them in one day if you order off Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Nancy Clark, is one of the leading sports nutritionists in the United States. Her concern for keeping athletes healthy is so great that she has written a column, the Athlete’s Kitchen, for free that is syndicated to sports news outlets throughout the U.S. including the Pace Setter

She has a private practice and some of her renowned clients include members of the Boston Celtics (basketball) and Bruins (ice hockey), as well Olympic athletes from a variety of sports; and she has been team nutritionist for the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

The sixth edition of her book, Nancy Clark’s SPORTS NUTRITION Guidebook is a great reference book for serious athletes and an entertaining read.  Turning to almost any page reveals fun things like the nutrition rainbow, how to have snack attacks work for you, losing weight without starving, what about breakfast, does eating fat make you fat, beer…

Here’s what’s new from the 5th edition of her book that was published in 2013

Aging- ways to fight back
Alcohol- tips for how to cut back
Anemia and iron supplementation
Atypical anorexia
Binge eating disorder
Carbohydrate guidelines, updated
Clean eating
Coconut oil
Dietary Guidelines (2015-2020):
—for Sugar
—for Saturated Fat
—for Cholesterol
Food Waste
Gas station nutrition
Gut health
Half-time nutrition
Intestinal distress and resolving gut issues
Kale vs. other greens
Ketogenic diets
Male Athlete Triad
Milk: Dairy vs. Almond milk
Protein guidelines, updated
Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)
Sparkling water
Supplement update: Nitrates, glucosamine, etc..
Sugar Debate
Sustainable sports diet
Testosterone and pro-hormones
Ultra-processed foods
Vegetarian and vegan options (more of them)
Vitamin D
Weight -class athletes, guidelines

New Recipes(GF = Gluten Free)
Protein-packed scrambled eggs GF
Peanut butter & dark chocolate chip muffins GF
High protein oatmeal pancakes GF
Better-for-you burger GF
Boston baked beans & rice GF
Extra creamy potatoes and cheese
Beet cherry smoothie GF
PB & J smoothie GF
Kale and cannellini bean soup GF
Chicken, kale and black bean quesadilla
Turkey chili with quinoa GF
Pumpkin chili GF
South African peanut stew GF
Chia pudding, vanilla GF
Chia pudding, strawberry GF
Banana date smoothie GF
Super seedy granola bars GF
Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies GF
Cookie dough dessert hummus GF
Chocolate cake batter dessert hummus GF

The four sections of the book are:

Part I Everyday Eating for Active People
Part II The Science of Eating and Exercise
Part III Balancing Weight and Activity
Part IV Winning Recipes for Peak Performance

You cannot lose with this book and it is a great gift for anytime of the year for the athlete in your life!!!

Pace Setter author of the Off the Road column, Russ Ebbets, has been writing for us for 30 years!!! We can say he is an Ultra sports writer.  His new book, A  Runner’s Guide to 30 Years of Off the Road, is also available online. Here are some reviews of it including one by our own monthly book reviewer Mark Mindel.

Very well written book by a dedicated coach. A great book for a coach or athlete to develop insight into becoming better. Reading The Runner's Guide will challenge the coach and athlete to consider new options and how they can be applied to the discipline. Coach Ebbets presents logical information backed up by simple science. He uses real athletic situations to illustrate what has worked for him and his athletes. A must read for all.
Harry Marra, IAAF World Coach of the Year 2016, Nike Coach of the Year 2012

The Truth is finally here...this Runner's Guide to 30 Years of Off The Road is a masterpiece for all athletes, coaches and parents who want to discover and understand the various levels of athletic development. In every chapter the wonderful stories of excellence and the journey to the Top of the Mountain are both inspiring and intriguing. Get ready to be motivated!
Coach Tim St. Lawrence, Warwick Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Academy

From the author of Supernova and Time and Chance comes a "must read" collection of training tips, stories and great advice. There are kernels of wisdom on running and life from Russ's trips to Russia and from the "trial and error" of living life to the fullest. This compilation reflects that. You won't be able to put it down!
-- Mark Mindel, 1979 Montreal Marathon Champion, one of the original course designers (with Chris Carroll).

About our “Ultra” writer:

Russ Ebbets has taught in the USATF Coaching Education for over 35 years, speaking at Level 1, 2 and 3 schools and the High Performance Summits on distance running. He has served as the US National Team chiropractor to three IAAF World Championships. His documentation and standards of care for on-site sports chiropractic have been adopted nationally. He has directed complimentary chiropractic care at over 250 events, 25 national championships and overseen the treatment of some 15,000 athletes at events ranging from local 5k's to Friehofer's Run for Women, Utica's Boilermaker and the Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden. Since 1999 he has been editor of Track Coach, the technical journal of USATF. Track Coach enjoys a worldwide circulation and is seen as one of the leading training journals of the sport. Ebbets has lectured throughout the US, in Canada, Scandinavia and the Caribbean. Since the fall of 1983 he has contributed regularly to Pace Setter Magazine with his Off The Road column. Ultimately, he has proved Bill Reynolds right, one thing has led to another.

Again, this book is available online and would make a great holiday gift.

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