Turkey Trots Rule!

by Christine and Charles Bishop

Instead of watching TV while waiting for a magnificent Thanksgiving dinner, 9,576 competed in races region wide to burn off calories, run with friends, and enjoy the day, before eating a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey Trots according to Runner’s World are the most popular races in America and the figures from our region definitely help to prove it.

Here we will cover the Troy Turkey Trot, the Cardiac Classic which technically is not a Turkey Trot but is held on Thanksgiving Day, the Christopher Daley 5K Turkey Trot in Saratoga, and the Cohoes Turkey Trot.

Troy Turkey Trot

As usual Troy led the way with over 6,400 in both races participating! The 10K winners, Ryan Udvadia and Cara Sherman are boyfriend and girlfriend giving the event a tender romantic glow.

          In addition, HMRRC Hall of Fame winner, Patrick Glover added an aura of courage

In 2017 Pat realized something was not right. Doctors diagnosed that he was experiencing internal bleeding that became complicated by blood clots, which in turn caused an infection.  The infection worsened and ultimately Pat had to have his leg amputated above the knee. He resolved that he would run again no matter how hard the path. Before this, he had run the Troy Turkey Trot 47 times winning once and decided to enter this year riding a hand-propelled bicycle. He was given a 3-minute head start on the racers and actually came in before the winner Ryan Udvadia. Pat said about the win to reporter Pete Dougherty of the Times Union:

"I was coming down the straightaway," said Glover, who won the 1981 Turkey Trot, "and one of my buddies said to me, 'Pat, it's your second victory.' I count it as a victory. I had it a lot easier than they did. Riding this, it looks like it's tough, but it's so much easier than running.”

Enjoy the pictures from the Times Union and articles from other papers.

Times Union 167 photos! and 30 more pix The Record Running the 72nd Annual Turkey Trot News 10  

Total Finishers of Both Troy Turkey Trot Races: 5K 3,651; 10K- 1,327; Grand Total: 4,978

                                                                 Troy Turkey Trot


Turkey Trot 10K



1. Ryan Udvadia, Albany 30:52

2. Anthony Giuliano, Niskayuna 32:57

3. Andrew Canavan, Schenectady 34:04

4. Robert LaMarre, Medford, Mass. 34:15

5. William Kelley, Albany 34:29

6. Ian Marling, Bedford, Mass. 34:46

7. Jon Lindeauer, Albany 34:52

8. Matthew Pierce, Rochester 35.27

9. Chuck Terry, Albany 35:49

10. Tyler Morrissey, Clifton Park 35:53

Age group winners

0-14: Michael Daley, Schenectady 44:14

15-19: Anthony Cusato, Schenectady 36:16

20-24: William Kelley, Albany 34:30

25-29: Robert LaMarre, Medford, Mass. 34:15

30-34: Ian Marling, Bedford, Mass. 34:47

35-39: Chuck Terry, Albany 35:50

40-44: Michael DiNicola, Ballston Spa 36:11

45-49: Tony Merola, Waterford 40:33

50-54: Kevin Creagan, Albany 41:21

55-59: Matt Gallagher, Burlington, Vt. 38:50

60-64: Ronald Dunn, Albany 48:42

65-69: Mike Fazioli, Wynantskill 46:30

70-74: Seamus Hodgkinson, Delmar 56:08

75-79: Raymond Lee Jr., Halfmoon 1:26:14



1. Cara Sherman, Schenectady 36:19

2. Christine Myers, Altamont 37:04

3. Diane Ryan, Ballston Spa 37:19

Age group winners

0-14: Elsie Corbett, Stephentown 50:44

15-19: Noreen Guilfoyle, Mount Sinai 40:27

20-24: Allison Thayer, Schenectady 39:58

25-29: Maddie Leopold, Troy 40:39

30-34: Shylah Weber, Troy 41:40

35-39: Shannon O'Meara, Troy 43:13

40-44: Kristen Cronin, Troy 45:56

45-49: Laura Kelly, Albany 47:55

50-54: Alison Heaphy, Troy 43:53

55-59: Mary White, Rochester 51:25

60-64: Beth Stalker, Ballston Spa 43:14

65-69: Judy Phelps, Myrtle Beach, S.C. 49:32

70-74: Ginny Pezzula, Colonie 59:27

80-99: Anny Stockman, Rensselaer 1:26:34

Turkey Trot 5K



1. Kyle Gronostaj, East Greenbush 14:25

2. Conor Cashin, Brighton, Mass. 15:25

3. Andrew Tario, West Sand Lake 15:32

4. Louie Dinuzzo, Saratoga Springs 16:06

5. Alex Hislop, Clifton Park 16:11

6. Hannah Reinhardt, Albany 16:18

7. Francisco Mendonca, Albany 16:26

8. Drew Burns, Slingerlands 16:27

9. Daniel Pavelec, Loudonville 16:32

10. Anthony Giuliano, Niskayuna 16:33

Age group winners

0-14: Alec Hansen, Wynantskill 18:30

15-19: Alex Hislop, Clifton Park 16:11

20-24: Drew Burns, Slingerlands 16:27

25-29: Ian Meyer, Weston, Mass. 17:37

30-34: Brendan Curran, Charlestown, Mass. 18:13

35-39: Louie Dinuzzo, Saratoga Springs 16:05

40-44: Anthony Giuliano, Niskayuna 16:33

45-49: Carl Greene, Avalon, Wis. 19:16

50-54: Dimtri Garder, No. Bennington, Vt. 21:18

55-59: Jack Arnold, Latham 19:34

60-64: Kevin Dollard, Hopewell Junction 20:09

65-69: Kevin Rose, Latham 21:54

70-74: John Engster, Troy 25:57

75-79: Paul Gansle, Albany 32:05

80-99: Frank Lewandusky, Sr. Waterford 39:13



1. Hannah Reinhardt, Albany 16:18

2. Maura Tyrrell, Buffalo 18:12

3. Courtney Breiner, Troy 18:20

Age group winners

0-14: Kaileigh Higgins, Watervliet 19:42

15-19: Natalie Penna, Albany 19:37

20-24: Emily Burns, Slingerlands 18:46

25-29: Elizabeth Predmore, Ballston Lake 19:00

30-34: Hailey Fremante, Lake Placid 21:05

35-39: Melissa Hershey, Troy 22:27

40-44: Eileen O'Connor, Sand Lake 20:48

45-49: Janice Balogh, Averill Park 22:30

50-54: Maryann Reilly-Johnson, Albany 23:20

55-59: Kristen Hislop, Clifton Park 21:31

60-64: Ellen Predmore, Ballston Lake 23:12

65-69: Kristine Thorne, Clifton Park 32:12

70-74: E. Silva, Clifton Park 30:14

75-79: Louise Liberty, Troy 47:43

80-99: Rebecca Ciraulo, Rensselaer 52:00

                                Lou Serafini wins his 11th consecutive title

Cardiac Classic 5K 2019

The recent Cardiac Classic has a rivalry of which books and movies are made. The amazing Lou Serafini a Niskayuna grad has consecutively come in first in the race for eleven years followed by Matt Lange. This year was Serafini’s best at 14:36 while Matt Lange’s best was in 2017 when he was 11 seconds behind Lou. Not to be outdone, Samantha Roecker, a fabulous runner (read about her accomplishments on the Half-Marathon section of this article: MHR Marathon and Hannaford Half Marathon 2019), has finished 1st from 2011-2019 except for 2015 when she did not run. Roecker will be competing in the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta and we will keep you posted on her performance.

Serafini fastest at Cardiac Classic-Times Union

Complete Results

Finishers: 1,101

                       Dana Bush, 1st Woman in the Race also was 3rd at our
                            2019 MHR Marathon for the third year in a row!

Christopher Dailey 5K Turkey Trot Saratoga

The race is sponsored by the Christopher Dailey non-profit organization that is dedicated to youth sports in the Saratoga community. It is named after an

“active and spirited 8 year old ‘boy next door,’ a third grade student at Dorothy Nolan Elementary School, and the beloved son of Mark and Maria Dailey of Wilton, NY. On November 23, 2001, the day after Thanksgiving, Christopher died suddenly in the hospital. His sudden and tragic departure left a devastating void not only in his family, but also with his playmates, friends, neighbors and fellow students.” This year 3,008 runners came to honor Christopher while celebrating Thanksgiving.

Top Three Males: Shea Wellbaker, 19, 15:24; Travis Biggs, 24, 15;58; Jack Vite, 23, 16:21

Top Three Females: Dana Bush, 41, 17:55; Mercedes Planavsky, 20, 19:089, Stephanie Berggren, 27, 19:46

Finishers: 3,008

Article from the Saratogian

Complete Christopher Dailey Turkey Trot 5k results

Cohoes Turkey Trot 3.5 Miles

The Cohoes Turkey Trot starts in front of the townhall. Anyone familiar with Cohoes knows that this race will contain dynamite hills but that did not deter the 489 runners who completed the race and then went home to a well deserved turkey dinner.

Top three males: Kevin Cronin, age 20, 18:59, 5:26 pace; Jacob Quail, 17, 20:28, 5:51; Gavin Ethier, 16, 21:00, 6:00.

Top Three Females: Lilianna Matalo, 20, 22:00, 6:18; Olivia Leonard, 20, 23:13, 6:38; Irene Somerville, 26, 23:27, 6:42.

Click Here for Results

Finishers: 489

As noted, Turkey Trots are the most popular race in the United States and this region proves it. On one day, the total finishers of the events described here is 9,576. That is an astronomical figure and a very heartening one as so many people chose to make their Thanksgiving Day a healthy one.

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