Are You Looking to Improve Your Running Mechanics, Reduce Injury Rate and Enhance Performance?

by Lisa Bodratti, PT, DPT

Some of you may have met us at the Hairy Gorilla Half and Squirrelly Six in October, but we are very excited to have the chance to more formally introduce ourselves! My name is Lisa Bodratti and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Capital Area Physical Therapy & Wellness (CAPT). My background lies heavily in orthopedics, with a special focus in treating runners and running-related injuries. As a former USATF club team member, middle/high school and D3-Collegiate sprinter/hurdler, I have a strong passion for and understanding of running biomechanics and (just as importantly, if not more important) the mind of a runner. At CAPT, I have had the chance to treat many, many runners and expand my skill set and available treatment techniques to provide the best, most advanced approach to the physical rehabilitation of runners of all ages and skill levels. One of the most unique techniques available to me at CAPT is the DorsaVi Movement Suite.

The DorsaVi is a specialized piece of equipment that allows us to nearly instantaneously assess your running style, or gait. It is as easy as attaching two wearable sensors on your shins and going for your run! The sensors, both of which contain an accelerometer and gyrometer, are able to capture data at 200 frames per second to help us more accurately assess any problem areas that the naked eye cannot see.

After going for a short run (or long, if you prefer), we are able to connect the sensors back to our home-base computer and instantly download and analyze your data.

Some metrics that help us to understand your gait are:

  • Leg symmetry: are you putting the same amount of weight on each foot as you run?
  • Ground reaction force: the force transferred from the ground to your body
  • Initial peak acceleration: the force with which your foot hits the ground at midstance
  • Average ground contact time: the time you spend on the ground with each foot
  • Cadence: the amount of steps you take per minute
  • Total distance: total distance for your run
  • Average speed: your average speed over the run

In combination with a formal physical therapy assessment, which includes a subjective history of your running journey and a whole-body functional movement assessment, the DorsaVi running assessment helps us to hone in on exactly how to help you progress or alter your running plan in real time. We are also able to take high-quality video to further analyze any gait abnormalities or deficits. Your therapist is then able to provide you with a complete plan of care, individualized to your status and more importantly, your goals!

Now, a little about CAPT…

Capital Area Physical Therapy & Wellness is a top rated outpatient physical therapy clinic due to our unique treatment approaches. At CAPT, we staff 8 full-time Doctors of Physical Therapy, all of whom have completed the highest level of education for a physical therapist. With a wide interest in treatment techniques, we are able to treat “from head to toe,” from orthopedic to neurological diagnoses, and everything in between. Currently, we are the only physical therapy clinic in the Greater Capital District to be trained in the use of the DorsaVi Movement Suite. CAPT has three locations: Malta, Queensbury and Latham, NY!

Whether you’re injured and need help in reducing pain so that you can continue running, or are just looking to make some changes to become more efficient and glide through your next 5K or marathon, we can help! At CAPT, no referral is needed to get started so you can start getting treatment and feel better quicker!

Lisa Bodratti

Feel free to email me at or call (518)-289-5242.  I look forward to helping you achieve your running goals as do the other members of our staff!!!

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