Distinguished Service Award 2019 Nominees

by Jessica Northan

Perhaps the most prestigious of club honors is the Distinguished Service Award. The first award winner was Tom Ossler in 1972 and since that time 57 others have been so honored. The award is one of service to the Club and recognizes the contributions as well as the “sweat equity” given by these individuals. Most recipients’ contributions span well over 10 years of service to the club. Each year, members in good standing may nominate and then vote for the candidate they feel is most deserving of the honor. The vote this year will be held at the May Club meeting on May 8 at 7:30 p.m. at the Point of the Woods Clubhouse. You must be present and an active member to vote, so please mark your calendar.

This year’s nominees and their accomplishments are:

ED HAMPSTON: Co-Race Director for Town of New Scotland 7.1 miler since 2015. Co-Race Director for the Winter Marathon (and former Marathon Relay) since 2014. In addition to directing two club races, Ed is the finish area coordinator for the MHRM/Hannaford Half Marathon. His contributions go beyond putting on races and extend to Grand Prix scoring where he helps tabulate, verify, and post results.

John Noonan, Pat Glover (center) , Lee Pollock

PAT GLOVER: Race Director for the Anniversary Run for over 25 years. In addition, Pat was a start line coordinator for the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge and a course director for the Winter Marathon for 15 years. He has also assisted at various other races for HMRRC. He is currently a finish line coordinator for the Just Run program, since the inception of the two annual events for that program.

Barbara Sorrell, 2018 Winner

Past Distinguished Service Award Winners

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