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by Dallas DeVries

When I’m not hitting the pavement or trails I’m often thinking about running and I love to read and soak up as much running news as possible. There are so many different websites, blogs and social media accounts dedicated to different aspects of running that it’s hard to keep track of or to know when something new or interesting comes out. Occasionally, Facebook will generate an interesting article that a friend posted but I wanted to take matters into my own hands which is why I have recently integrated a running news feed into my sports aggregation website, SportSpyder.

When I first built SportSpyder 16 years ago as a hobby, it was to fulfill a need I noticed in sports related news. At the time, it was difficult to follow the dozens of different beat writers and bloggers for the Mets - information was widespread and sporadic. With SportSpyder, I was able to aggregate up to the minute news for fans like myself in one central location so they wouldn’t miss a beat. Using this platform, I branched out to most of the professional and collegiate teams, and now to running.

While the running feed on SportSpyder is still growing, currently visitors have access to over 50 different running news sources. Here, you can catch up on major events like the London or Boston Marathon, training tips from various different coaches, running tech and product reviews, professional and collegiate running, race reviews, the science of running - even the HMRRC blog - and much more. The feed is integrated with social media platforms like Twitter so novices can follow some of their favorite athletes and running personalities in one place. SportSpyder is a one-stop shop for everything sports news so I hope that you’ll consider it as your go-to source for all things running and provide valuable feedback about your experience.

Try it out for running or any other sport you love!!

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