Delmar Dash

by David Tromp, Race Director

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Delmar1.jpgSunday April 15th was the 30th annual running of the Delmar Dash 5 mile race held annually at the Delmar middle school. The dire forecasts for icy conditions never materialized although communities to the north of Delmar experienced them. Luckily it was good running weather in Delmar with cloudy skies, a cool temperature of about 40 degrees, and little wind enabling some to set personal records.

Following the main race, kids’ races were held on the track in the back of the middle school. From toddlers to teens, the kids ran laps around the oval indoor track.

One of HMRRCs senior runners, Anny Stockman, set a USA national record for 85 year old and older women in a time of 67 minutes and 20 seconds! Congratulations Anny!

Ricardo Estremera had a winning time of 24:48, a 4 minute 58 second per mile pace! Jaime Julia finished in second place in 25:56, and Thomas O’Grady was third in 27:16.

The two top women women, Diane Ryan (29:52) and Olivia Beltrani, were in a tight race with Diane winning in 29:52, two seconds ahead of Olivia, both under a 6 minute per mile pace. In third place was Nicole Soblosky with a time of 30:07.

We thank Renee Tolan for her diligence and patience in helping to have the Delmar Dash be part of the USATF GrandPrix Races. It is quite an honor. The Delmar Dash is also part of the HMRRC Grand Prix races. To meet the requirements of both, two finishing lines were created: one for the USATF, which was at the 8K (4.97097 miles); and one for the HMRRC, which was at the five mile mark.

The winning men’s team consisted of an ARE Racing team including Estremera, Julia, past race director Aaron Knobloch, Paul Archambault and last year’s winner, Aaron Lozier. The winning women’s team also consisted of ARE runners including Ryan, Beltrani, Soblosky and Erin Hutton. The ARE Masters Women’s team comprised of Tina Greene, Shanley Albee and Melissa Lombard was also victorious. The 50+ Age Graded Male Team winner was the Adirondack AC Team 1, composed of Mark Stephenson, Craig Evans and Dan Nugent.

There were several excellent performances among the women’s age group winners. As mentioned, Anny Stockman won the 80–99 year old division in 67:20; and Anne Tyrrell won the 65-69 age group with a time of 49:08.. The 60–64 year old age group winner was Nancy Briskie with a time of 33:35. Wendy Rescott won the 55-59 division in 36:57. Anne Benson won the 50-54 year old age group in 34:39. Shanley Alber was the 45-49 year winner in 34:57, Tina Greene the 40–44 year old age group winner in a time of 34:08. Past race director Diana Tobin-Knobloch finished in 32:11, and Delmar’s Erin Rightmeyer won both the 35-39 age group and the 30-34 age group in 34:13. Last year’s women’s champion, Christie Macfarlan also from Delmar finished in 30:33, while Erin Hatton won the 20–24 and 25-29 year old age groups, respectively, in 32:05. Jessica Laplante finished in a time of 50:26 to win the 12–19 year old age group.

 The men’s competition had a number of outstanding age-group performances. Raymond Lee won the 75–79 year age group in 1:14:11.  Pete Cowie won the 70–75 year old age group in a time of 43:24. Bob Giambalvo (33:07) and Stephen Jones won the 65–69 in 34:02 and 60–64 year old age groups, respectively. The 55–59 year old age group was won by Bob Kanarkiewicz in 35:20. The 50–54 year old age winner was Delmar’s Christian Lietzau in 30:28); while Rich Zachgo won the 45-49 age group in 32:25. Aaron Knochbloch celebrated his birthday in a fast time of 28:08 in the Masters division. Daniel Jordy finished in fourth place overall in 27:45, which also won the 30-34 men’s age group. Delmar’s Michael Cooley won the 35–39 year old age group in 28:42. Joshua Korn finished fifth overall in 27:49 and won the 20–24 year age group. Tim Russell finished sixth overall winning the 25–29 year age group in 28:02. Brian Murray, age 17, of Delmar won the 12–19 year old age group with a time of 33:17.

 Many thanks go to previous race directors Tom and Marcia Adams, as well as Maureen Cox, Ed Hampston, Rick Munson and the many volunteers who helped to ake the race run smoothly.

Click HERE to see great pictures taken by Jim Franco of and Charles and Christine Bishop for the HMRRC.

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